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 Aspects of death

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Samara Sawamatsu


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PostSubject: Aspects of death   Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:50 pm

As the most of us knows, all the top ten warriors of Las Noches, the infamous Espada represents one aspect of death each (how people die.)

The ten original Aspects;

- Loneliness.
'What do you think I should do to avoid being alone?'

The Espada's philosophy centres around being alone. The Espada has been avoided by almost everyone their whole life and fears only loneliness itself.

- Old Age.
'Fools. You can't defy time itself.'

This Espada's believes that ever aspect is powerful, but that Old Age is the ultimate, as almost everyone must face it. The Espada knows this and doesn't hesitate killing people with his/hers time-manipulating abilites.

- Sacrifise.
'Their deaths was necessary... Now, it is your turn to die.'

This Espada thinks sacrifises are noble and necessary to win a battle. As things is sacrifised, the Espada will take their cold-hearted fury out on the killer of his/hers subordinates.

- Nihilism.
'Heart? Emotion? Non-sense. I don't believe in such trash like that.'

The Espada that represents this aspect of death doesn't believe in anything that their eyes can't see. Hearts, emotions and souls is all crap that humans created to have a something they could comfort each other with and you don't see them, so where is all those things?

- Despair.
'Yes... You have no options. What will you do?!'

This Espada only believes that true despair fo your enemy shows you that you are their superior. You don't care who you fight. Ally, enemy, neutral. Friends or opponents, the Espada doesn't care. As long as he/she is the most powerful Espada.

- Destruction.
'I'll destroy you with only my fists!'

This Espada is truly the most destructive one. He/she is not someone you want to piss off. Their rage ends only when they have destroyed the something or someone, that angered him/her. This destructive one does not tolerate that anyone is stronger.

- Intoxication.
'So... Did I poison you with my tongue or my sword?'

This Espada may seem more sane and calm, but underneath the facade; a powerhungry and untrusting figure is hiding. The allies never knows who he/she might poison with his/hers trustworthy smile and friendly attitude.

- Madness.
'Mwahahaha! Blithering, unintelligent idiots! I can't be killed by those dull blades of yours!'

This Espada represents true madness. Unattaching body parts, torturing enemies and experimenting on fellow Arrancars is just a normal day for this Espada. Perfection is the only thing this Espada cares about and is willing to do almost anything to achieve it.

- Greed.
'It is mine. Only mine. You can have it... Over my dead body!'

This Espada is definetly the greediest of them. He/she will take almost everything for his/hers own sake. This Espada want to own almost everything, at any cost. Materalism is the only thing that means something for this Espada. To own everything is this Espada's biggest dream.

- Rage.
'Look what you did to my arm! You will pay for that, scum!'

This Espada is the pure definition of rage. One tip, this is the last person you want to make angry. He/she is also very easy to turn angry and is a really sore loser.

Other Aspects:

- Fate.
'Let the Goddess of destiny decide if you shall live or not.'

This Espada is a pure fatalist. He/she doesn't believe in free will and thinks that the whole life of a person is prepared before the person is born. This Espada is usually very passive and won't listen to his/hers superior, as his/hers 'only' superior is Destiny.

- Prevarication.
'Hey, sorry. My blade just slipped. Whoops, looks like it did it again!'

This Espada is almost constantly lying. He/she almost never tells the truth. The worst is that this Espada also is very good at lying and is easy to believe.

- Wrath.
'Remember our last fight, hmm? Look at the nice scar I have. Now, you will get a matching one!'

This Espada is the most vengeful. He/she has a great sense of equality, but also an 'eye for an eye' policy.

- Pride.
'Look at that punch. I really made the last look like a bitchslap, indeed!'

This Espada takes great pride in his/hers abilites. He/she will take an offence seriously and kill the offender. They love to brag and rechieve compliments by fellow Espadas.

- Fear.
'Are you afraid? Do I scare you?'

This Espada is the most intimidating of the Espada. He/she will usually scare almost everyone, intending to do it or not. This Espada can be lonely from time to time, but not always.

- Hubris.
'Hrmf. You think you can hit me? Me?! Pathetic fool.'

This Espada is overconfident and believes that he/she is the most powerful of everyone. He/she appreciates honour over almost everything and looks down on almost everyone.

- Ignorance.
'Give me a good reason to care about what you are saying.'

This Espada is almost constantly ignoring anybody. He/she don't care about enemies or allies, but not in a lazy way. This Espada prefers that others mind their own business and don't make contact with him/her.

- Parasiteism.
'Feeling sad today? Let me help you.'

This Espada gains nourishment from other creatures emotion. Unlike the most other aspects, this applies for both physically and psychically. If this Espada touches a person, they drain away the victim's negative emotions, which he/she turns into energy which can be used. However, the victim will lack negative emotions, they will be fighting machines without stop.

- Prejustice.
'You reek of weakness.'

This Espada will always judge by the looks of his/her enemy. Though this Espada is very judging, he/she isn't very proud. As this Espada often misjudges his/her enemy, this Espada is cautios during a battle and want to see what the opponent can do.

- Lust
'I can't stand it anymore... I must taste your blood!'

This Espada is very lusty and will almost always give in to his/her primitive instincts. They will rush ahead and never care about consequenses of the actions taken. As this Espada only focuses on one target at the time, he/she may be unaware that there is more enemies around.

- Acedia.
'Why do you need to care about something? Just watch as the pathetic world pass by...'

This Espada does not care about anything. He/she considers him/herself a watcher of the world and will hardly finish this Espada's duties. They are extremely passive and seems lazy, but thinks that almost everything lacks meaning.

All aspects can be used, but please PM me to tell which aspect you request.

Last edited by Samara Sawamatsu on Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:47 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Aspects of death   Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:06 pm

Since we already have a Aspect of Despair can i got the aspect of time (Old Age) Or would you prefer if i went with ignorance.
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PostSubject: Re: Aspects of death   Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:26 am

i call the espada of lust
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Samara Sawamatsu


Posts : 13
Join date : 2010-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Aspects of death   Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:31 am

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PostSubject: Re: Aspects of death   

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Aspects of death
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