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PostSubject: Incognita   Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:41 am

Personal Information:

Name: Incognita Periculum.

Age: 914 years.

Visible Age: 21.

Appearance: Look at the avatar, for some parts (don't count clothing and weapon). Incognita is a very pale woman with dark lines under her eyes. Her hair is a color that looks like silver in the sunshine, but in when it is dark outside, the hair will turn raven-black. She has green eyes, which lacks life and almost always half-closed. Samara has small hands with sharp, long nails with teal nailpolish. Her hair is hip-length and usually kept straight. Her arrancar uniform is very different from the standard. She wears a white, wide blouse with long sleeves. It is bare at the back, which reveals her Espada tattoo, 2, on the right side of her back. Instead of a hakama, she wear a black skirt, which exposes her right leg, from the hip and downwards. She wears a silver necklace which is shaped like a crucifix with a red gemstone.

Incognita is very mysterious, dark and distant. She is usually alone in her room, playing enchanting melodies on her piano. As she is rarely seen other places in Las Noches and even rarer seen smiling. Some Arrancars think she is a zombie, controlled by their leader. However, she leaves her room every fourth day, every month and returns to Las Noches several days later. This hides her in more fog of mystery.

Nature Lover.
Incognita love nature over most things and usually brings a flower from the living world with her to Hueco Mundo, planting it in her private flowerbed in her room. Though the flowers only survive a day or two, it brigthens up her room considerably.
She has a few plastic bonsais light up the otherwise gloomy room.

As implied by her aspect of death; fate, Incognita is a fatalist. She believes in fate, leading her to abandoning the idea of free will. She doesn't worship fate, however, she claims to be the messenger of it. She often states that no one can escape fate. She isn't very radical, as she claims that fate never intended to kill someone of pure sadism (at least not when using her).

Likes: Fate, nature and peace.

Dislikes: War, unnecessary killing and the sea.

Motivation/Intentions: Nothing else than bringing out the will of fate.

Rank: Segunda Espada.

Aspect of Death: Fate.

Innate Techniques:


Name: Centella (Spanish for Flash, Japanese for Foreward Flash)

Description: This technique allows Incognita to look into the future. Her eyes will flash pink for an instant, and a picture in her mind will come up, thus knowing the outcome. If her eyes flash pink for a second, she can predict the future of the next minute. However, it unables her to use her ability for the next minute. She can predict longer outcomes too, but can't use her ability before the outcome she predicted has happened. This makes her extremely accurate and elusive, as the only way to attack her is while she uses the ability or during the timelag.

Type: Supplementary.

Range: No range.

Name: Enhanched Pesquisa (Japanese for Probe Circuit, Spanish for Inquiry)

Description: Pesquisa an Arrancar's ability to detect, sense and gauge the amount of Reiatsu in his or her vicinity. It functions similarly to Sonar. Incognita has shown mastery at using this technique, as she can easily detect reiatsu while she closes her left eye and focuses with her right.

Type: Supplementary.

Range: Long range.

Name: Cero (Japanese for Hollow Flash, Spanish for Zero)

Description: This is a form of attack used by Menos, Arrancar and Vizard. As a standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. Incognita's cero is teal, fired from the tip of her right fot. She can spin it around, creating a rather wide, yet less destructive blast.

Type: Offensive.

Range: Short to long.

Name: Bala (Japanese for Hollow Bullet, Spanish for Bullet)

Description: Bala is an Arrancar-exclusive technique that hardens the user's Reiatsu and releases it like a swift blast of spiritual energy. While the technique is not nearly as powerful as a Cero, its speed is 20 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick repetition. Incognita's Bala is teal and powerful enough to send an opponent flying.

Type: Offensive.

Range: Short to Medium Range.

Name: Enhanced Hierro (Japanese for Steel Skin, Spanish for Iron)

Description: Hierro is an Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. Incognita's Hierro is specially designed to counter long range attacks and can take considerably powerful offensive techniques before it fails to protect her. It is, however, just above average level when it comes to countering direct attacks.

Type: Defensive.

Range: Short to long range.

Name: Garganta (Japanese for Black Cavity, Spanish for Throat)

Description: Is how Arrancars and Hollows move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. It is primarily used by Hollow and Arrancar, but some other characters have used it through different means.

Type: Supplementary.

Range: Short.

Name: Sonido (Japanese for Sound Ceremony, Spanish for Sound)

Description: Sonido is a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the Hohō (or Flash Steps as they are called in the English Dub) that Shinigami use. While somewhat similar to Hohō, Sonído appears to be more instinctual than Hohō, requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It also makes a different sound; rather than the swishing or sometimes silent Flash Step of the Shinigami, Sonído makes a booming or static sound. Incognita is a master at using Sonido, as she can create several tangible images after use. She can outspeed most Espada and the only one that can keep up with her is possibly Onmitsuki-leaders.

Type: Supplementary.

Range: Short to long.

Name: Enhanced Hakuda (Japanese for Hand-to-hand Combat)

Description: Hakuda is not elaborated upon by most Shinigami, but by many Arrancar. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class. It seems to be a combination of several martial arts. Samara is a expert at using Hakuda, though she rarely uses it, as she relies mostly on her long distance attacks.

Type: Offensive.

Range: Short.

Name: Zanjutsu (Japanese for Cutting Technique)

Description: Zanjutsu is the most used form of combat among Shinigami. As the name suggests, it involves using a Zanpakutō and its various special abilities to attack an opponent. As Arrancar also possess a form of Zanpakutō, the skill to wield one is similar to that of a Shinigami. Like a normal Shinigami's Zanpakutō, in addition to its basic form, its release allows the Arrancar another form termed Resurrección, which unlocks the sealed Hollow form of the wielder. Incognita is a master at using her fan-like Zanpakuto and rarely misses her target.

Type: Offensive.

Range: Short to medium range.

Name: Cero Oscuras (Japanese for Black Hollow Flash, Spanish for Dark Zero)

Description: Cero Oscuras or more grammatically correct Cero Oscuro, is a full-powered black Cero that an Espada can use only in their release forms. When fired, it covers any exposed light into absolute pitch darkness. Incognita fires her Cero Oscuras from her left ring-finger, and it takes considerable effort to stop it.

Type: Offensive

Range: Short to Long.

Name: Immense Spiritual Pressure (goes up to Overwhelming when in Resurrecion)

Description: This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees. Incognita's Spiritual Pressure is lilac and she can manifest it as two pair of wings.

Type: Supplementary and Offensive.

Range: Short to medium.

Name: Highly Perceptive Combatant.

Description: While she is a very quiet person, Incognita is very wary for changes and can detect even the slightest change in ones reitasu.

Type: Supplementary.

Range: No range.

Zanpakuto Description:

Name: Fortuna (Spanish for Fortune, Japanese for Heavenly Goddess of Luck)

Appearance: Fortuna takes the shape of a folding fan, with a metal edge. It is purple with a white leash attached to it. One the end of the leash, it has a ring attached to it, which perfectly fits Incognita index finger. Incognita usually throws it, while having the ring attached to her finger, allowing her to control it freely, as well as return it. She usually conceals it in her sleeve.

Release Command: "Judge, Fortuna..."

Resurrecion Information:

Transformation: Incognita is enveloped in a tick mist and a purple light will brighten up the area in an eerie way. The fog will lift when the mist lifts.

Appearance: Incognita's hair is grows much longer and is constantly black. Her green, lifeless eyes, will radiate even less life and the black rings will turn purple. She gains crimson-red, tearlike marks under her eyes and her upper lip turns black. She grows a pair of black angel-like wings on her back, with silver edges. She wears a white top with long sleeves, which she conceals a giant war-fan. She wears a white, torn hakama and no shoes.

When she is in her Resurrecion, her speed, Hierro and attackpower is almost doubled.

Name: Anular (Japanese for Fate Decision, Spanish for Cancel)

Description: Anular allows Incognita to cancel out stop any offensive move, however, this technique can only be used every 30 minutes.

Type: Defensive.

Name: Enhanced Centella.

Description: Her Centella is enhanced as the timelag is halved.

Type: Supplementary.

Name: Sentencia (Japanese for Final Judgement, Spanish for Judgement)

Description: Incognita creates a pink javelin with her spiritual pressure. If the javelin hits anything, they will send them to a unknown location. There, the true form of her Zanapakuto resides; Goddess Fortuna. When a living creature is sent there, their hands will be bound to their backs with a almost unbreakable chain (Only Fortuna can unleash them). Fortuna will judge them by reading a list over what they have done in their lives. If they have done mostly evil things, they will be executed by her. If they have been good, they will he healed and returned to the battlefield. The javelin has to hit the victim when Incognita has let it go. Otherwise, it will only turn into dust. Incognita can only create one javelin every second minute.

Type: Offensive.

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History: Incognita doesn't remember the most of her human life, except her last days.
She was the last victim of a sadistic mass-murder and died protecting another person. She doesn't remember the identity of the person, though, something that have tainted her the most of her life.

She was a Plus for a fairly long time, wandering the streets, with no memory. As she wandered in the wandered, she came across a weird creature. Big, with fur and a mask...? She ran away from it, but it was faster than her. It quickly grabbed her and attempted to eat her. It would have killed her, if it wasn't for another creature that looked similar to the first one. Both of them fought, and soon many of had gathered and oddly fought for a lone soul.

Incognita escaped the scene, unharmed, but mentally; she was seriously damaged. She wandered around for some time, but soon started to feel an unexplainable hunger. The hunger started to take over her and she didn't know what to do. Pain followed. As time passed, she turned into a Hollow.

She usually hid herself in Hueco Mundo and rarely left for the World of the Living. She devoured other Hollows and become stronger. Incognita didn't have a name at that time, but decided to take the name 'Periculum', which means 'Danger' on Latin. She quickly become a Menos Grande, the dominant head of one at least. As a fearless killing machine, she headed to 'The Forest of Menos' and was one of the few that usually left it.

As she turned into an Adjuchas, the real hunt started and she left the forest of Menos. This wasn't just a hunt for food, it was a hunt for identity as no one wanted to revert back into a Gillian. Incognita was one of the most noticeable, as she felt regret for killing someone.

Then, she headed back into the Forest of Menos. There, she turned into a Vasto Lorde, one of the elite. At this point, Incognita had already developed her own personality, not just like a wild animal. This disturbed the other hollows, and she was exiled from the forest. She was found by a man; Sousuke Aizen. He turned her into an Arrancar and she was asked about her name. Incognita choosed the only name that sounded okay to her; Incognita Periculum (Unknown Danger).

Incognita hardly participed in the riot after Aizen was killed, ensuring her survival. As she just want to assist, she didn't want a higher rank then Segunda.

RP Sample: It was a hazy and silent morning. No cars were driving, hardly people outside. But the silhouette of Sonata Luna could be seen, wearing her usual school uniform. She had lost the bus and had to walk to school. 'Just my luck, I guess.' she thought as she half walked, half ran. The morning had started as it used to. A shower. Got dressed. Some breakfast. Put on some make-up. Said good bye to her aunt, mother and her mother's fiancee. Then left for school. Yup, a pretty normal morning. But that she missed the bus...? Things like that didn't usually happen. Was this an omen?

As she continued to walk down the street, she heard a weird noise. It sounded almost like a roar, from a big animal. But... But big animals didn't walk around in the streets? Then a scream followed. What is that...? she asked and started to walk to the direction she heard the scream had came from. She rounded the corner, as something that seemed like a young girl ran past her. Sonata quickly turned, and saw the silhouette disappear around the corner. Why is she running like that? Sonata thought and her face started to look puzzled. She couldn't follow the girl, she had to go to school. She continued to walk towards the school. Then she saw it. It had a pretty grotesque appreance, like a oversized ape, wearing a odd mask with glowing yellow eyes. They were directed at her. It seems my snack escaped. Well, this will be a good replacement! The voice that spoke was gruff and almost echo-like. Sonata noticed that it lifted it's huge hand and attempted to grab her. She jumped to the side. What... What in God's name is this thing?! she thought as it groaned. It look's like I missed. she heard it say. It lifted it lifted the right hand and tried to grab her again. She turned around and started to run.

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank (Lieutenant and upwards, Espada and Vizard Lords), you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a challenge. This is just an example; "You have been surrounded by the enemy. The only ally with you on this mission has been knocked out, but you still got energy to fight. The leader of the enemy-group jumps towards your uncouncious ally. Please write your response to this." If the applicator approves, hurray you are approved! If not, try to improve it a little bit, perhaps then you will be approved.)
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PostSubject: Re: Incognita   Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:04 pm

Ok since we all agreed youd be segunda and idk what Kathy is going to do

Rp Challenge: You are stuck in a room with the priimera. You two are having a discussion (I guess you can use me if you can't think of a name for em) Someone barges in killing all your fraccionyou team up with the primera to fight off the stranger that seems to have effotly killed off both of yalls fraccion.
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PostSubject: Re: Incognita   Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:13 am

The room was unusually quiet, even for the Espada meeting-room. The dim light from a lamp was the only thing in the room that kept it from falling into darkness. Only two chairs was occupied; the seats with the numbers 1 and 2; two of the three most powerful Espada. Zilo, the Primera, was reading a book, while the Segunda, Incognita was just waiting for the others to arrive.

She closed her eyes and wondered why all their lower ranked Espada's and the Cero Espada was so late. The two of them had been waiting for at least a hour. She crossed her legs and looked towards at the door. Odd... I haven't heard anyone walk past the room either. she thought and shook her head slightly and noticed that the Priemera was looking at her. Something wrong, Incognita? he asked, with a small hint of concern in his voice. Ingonita stared out in the air. Nothing special... Just odd that the others haven't showed up yet. And my Fraccion haven't made a single noise outside, which is quite mysterious. They use to be very noisy and usually fights each other constantly... she replied as she closed her eyes. Yes, her Fraccion was indeed noisy, they only stopped when she requested them to.

Incognita pushed her chair back and walked towards the door. I suppose it would be best to check if they were waiting for her outside. She grabbed the handle and pulled it down. The door creaked, before it went fully open. Her usually half-lidded and lifeless eyes, widened. The floor was stained with blood. Two - three mangled bodies was lying on the floor. One of them even had it's intestines coming out. Incognita rushed to them. She remebered their faces, at least the ones that had something left of a face. They were her Fraccion. All of them. One of them was decapitated, one had his intestines ripped out. The last was just heavily damaged. In-Incognita-sama... the voice whispered. She turned to look at one of them. The voice was very weak, barely hearable. It was the last of her Fraccion; Murra. She rushed to the Fraccion. W-we... We failed you. she whispered to Incognita, before she went silent; forever.

The hand of Incognita trailed over the eyes of her deceased Fraccion, closing them. She noticed that Zilo was coming behind her, patting her shoulder. I am sorry for your loss... he whispered. Incognita sighed and rose. Fate took them away from me, it was her decision. she whispered with a barely hearable voice. Zilo let go of her shoulder, and she noticed that he let out a gasp. She looked at his face, now she had the same lifeless and half-lidded eyes as usual. He was looking another direction, with his teeth bared and eyes filled with anger. She turned her head the same direction. There, the Fraccion of the Primera was lying, with a peaceful look on her face with a blade stabbed through her back. Alejandro... Zilo snarled. So the Quinto is their killer? Incognita thought. Alejandro smiled and drew the blade out of the Fraccion. So you two finally decided to come out? Nice. Now I can kill you as well! he shouted and started to run towards them.

Incognita lifted up her right foot up.Yet, another unnecessary battle against a weak Espada. Killing the Fraccion, provoking us... You are certainly not the smartest of the Espada. However, I am fated to forgive you. Please leave, before you die unnecessary. she said with her monotone voice. Alejandro started to laugh and rised his sword. How pathetic. Weak? Me? And leaving a fight, is like forgetting to take your medicine on purpose! he shouted as he lunged towards them. Incognita sighed and noticed that Zilo raised his hand. Alejandro was close to them now, Incognita knew. And she had predicted that he would underestimate them. Cero. both of them said in unison. White light mixed with teal, creating a light teal-like colored beam that crushed everything in it's way.

The grilled corpse of the Quinto Espada fell down. Incognita closed her eyes. She would leave the scene now, giving her Fraccion a proper burial. She was sure that Zilo would do the same to his.
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PostSubject: Re: Incognita   Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:07 am

Whoa.....that's awesome ^^
Aproooooooved XDDD
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PostSubject: Re: Incognita   

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