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 Saia izunaru

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PostSubject: Saia izunaru   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:24 pm

Personal Information:

Name: Saia izunaru

Age: 450

Visible Age: 18


Personality:Saia is a friendly, and a sarcastic individual who likes to sneak up on people and sometimes cause mischief. though when the situation calls for it she is serious and manages to keep calm when others aren't. Saia is somewhat bad tempered and will attack anyone that harms the innocent,or underestimates her because of her personality and size.she is open and isn't afraid to admit her feelings, yet she is extremely shy when it comes to sexual advances and gestures.As the second espada, she has good leadership skills and is excellent at quick thinking which gives her an advantage in battle especially with her combat skills. Saia treats others kindly if they are nice to her and if they are rude or mean she will react the same way. Saia usually is seen hanging around the menos forest or wandering around las noches looking for someone to talk to.

Likes: Sunsets,the moon, walking,hot springs, teasing people, ramen, and the human world.

Dislikes: people who underestimate her,attack the innocent, and hurt her friends.

Motivation/Intentions: unknown yet

Rank: Experimental made arancar (see history for more info)

Aspect of Death:

Innate Techniques:


Name: High spiritual pressure

Description: Saia boasts a large amount of spiritual pressure that can destroy the fortress if she should release her zanpackuto inside it, or bring espadas lower than 5 to their knees and cause lower ranking arrancars and shinigami to pass out.she can also use her spiritual pressure to strengthen her blade, and make her skin impenetrable to physical attacks and regular cero and baala attacks. Her spiritual power is a light blue.

Type: offensive, and defensive

Range: medium

Name: Cero/Baala/Gran ray

Description: Saia is capable of using Gran ray,regular cero,and baala. the color of her ceros are a rose red.

Type: offensive and sometimes defensive

Range: long range

Name: Hand to hand combat/ Swordsmanship expert.

Description: Saia is strong, and flexible for her size. she is capable of bringing down opponents 5 times her size without any effort.

Type: offensive, defensive

Range: short range

Name: Sonido expert

Description: Saia is capable to keep up with other espada members, and because of her size she is able to dodge attacks swiftly as well as making attacks difficult to dodge, and is extremely difficult to catch.

Type: offensive and defensive

Range: long/short

Name: Garganta

Description: Saia is capable of opening a garganta.

Type: ??

Range: long

Name: Highly Perceptive Combatant

Description: Saia is easily able to see through a person's demeanor to determine what they are thinking about.

Type: ??

Range: ???

Name: Master Tactician

Description: Saia is able to take advantage of her opponent's attacks for her own use if needed.

Type: offense

Range: short/long

Name: awareness of the body's weakness.

Description: Saia studied the human body enough to know where certain pressure points are in the body to paralyze her target.

Type: offense

Range: short

Zanpakuto Description:

Name: hielo Lobos


Release Command: Freeze, Koori ookami!

Resurrecion Information:

except her arrancar outfit remain.


Name: Snow/ice/water control

Description: As her zanpackuto releases, snow constantly flows from her ice wolf's mouth. she controls the snow to her will. she is able to bend its shape and even change its state to ice, and water.she can also control its cold temperature, making sure that no flame can melt it.

Type: offense/defense

b]Name:[/b] Weapon manipulation

Description: Her wolves can take shape of any weapon she wishes, the weapon material remains the same. pure ice crystal it has the strength of steel, though it can shatter if enough damage is put on it, but even if it shatters it can reform all over again at will.

Type: offense/defense

b]Name:[/b] Wolf Pack

Description: 100 wolves made of pure ice shot out from her blade and attack the enemy, when they are destroyed they can reform again and again,and when they bite the enemy it slowly freezes the enemy on the inside, 4 posts later encasing the foe in ice.
Type: offense

b]Name:[/b] Ice cero

Description: Her wolves can shoot blue ceros from their mouths, if it makes direct contact to the enemy it will freeze them in place for two posts.it is even powerful enough to freeze regular ceros, and kido spells under the number 80.

Type: offense/defense

]Name:[/b] slight Weather control

Description: Saia has command over rain,hail, and snow. she can also create blizzards that are powerful enough to encase her foes in ice if they are caught into it.

Type: offense/defense

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History: Saia remembers nothing of her human life, all she remembers is that when she died her spirit became a hollow. It resembled that of a light blue wolf. Yuuki, only acting upon instinct wandered the earth, devouring souls to gain power. She continued this for years and years until one day she was captured by Aizen and taken to his lab.she was put inside a large test tube filled with light green liquid and was injected with a Captain's DNA while using the power of the Hōgyoku to transform the hollow into a humanoid form. She had long black hair, soft crystal blue eyes instead of cold yellow ones, soft peach cream skin instead of rough hollow skin,petite with a nice figure, full soft shell pink lips, and her remains of her hollow mask where like a ribbon like choker around her neck. She also had the spiritual potential matching the second espada. Aizen walked into the lab to see his creation. and he smiled. She was his best experiment just like Wonderweiss except much more powerful and intelligent.She wasn't put into the espada however because He wanted people to think that she was weak so he labeled her simply as a normal arrancar when he put her in line for the ranking position. She can be seen wandering around las noches or in the forest of menos waiting to be called on whenever a war breaks out.

RP Sample: alking through the halls of las noches, her bare feet barely making a sound as she glided on the cool ston made floor. Wearing her arrancar uniform with her hair left loose and her flute held tightly in her right hand. Yuuki sighed softly in bordom as she looked around the empty hallways of the palace. Though she had to admit this was much better than the life she once lived as a human. Having to sing day and night to the beast without rest.If she did the beast would attack her. The memory sent a cold shiver down her back as she continued to walk through the darkness. Everyone was asleep or so she thought. No matter. She was all alone for the time being and the silence was both comforting and kind of depressing. Yuuki decided since that she had nothing else to do she would just return to her bedroom and rest for a bit.

One sonido later, Yuuki was standing on front of the door to her quarters. Yuuki twisted the cool metal knob and walked inside. Changing from her usual clothing into a white kimono. Falling back on her bed with a soft sigh. She rested her head on her pillow and looked at the moon that made her room look pale.Yuuki wanted to see what the real sun and moon looked like not the artifical ones that aizen set up to keep an eye on his army. It was disturbing to no end. She turned to rest on her side, facing the wall and closing her eyes. Knowing full well that aizen was just using the espada as ifhe was playing a game. She didn't care at all if her so called leader died or not. She couldn't leave though. She would he tracked down and killed if she left. Sighing one more she felt her mind slowly start to darken until it went black. Yuuki finally fell into a. Deep sleep. Hoping that things would turn out for the best later on...

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank (Lieutenant and upwards, Espada and Vizard Lords), you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a challenge. This is just an example; "You have been surrounded by the enemy. The only ally with you on this mission has been knocked out, but you still got energy to fight. The leader of the enemy-group jumps towards your uncouncious ally. Please write your response to this." If the applicator approves, hurray you are approved! If not, try to improve it a little bit, perhaps then you will be approved.)

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PostSubject: Re: Saia izunaru   Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:56 am

completed my app
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Samara Sawamatsu


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PostSubject: Re: Saia izunaru   Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:03 am

Approved, Saia Izunaru.
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PostSubject: Re: Saia izunaru   

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Saia izunaru
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