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 Alejandro, Insane Espada Quinto

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PostSubject: Alejandro, Insane Espada Quinto   Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:23 pm

Personal Information:

Name: Alejandro

Age: 119

Visible Age: 19

Appearance: Alejandro's appearance was simple when he was in the white desert he would be waring the arrancar uniform which was white robe along with pants. black belt to hold the sword like zanpaktou and black shoes (sandels) and wore a mask on his left eye almost similar to the left side eye of a Horned Owl though the mask only covers his left eye and nothing else. When alejandro is paying a visit to Earth he is dressed in dark clothing (avi) he looks like a punk school kid waring the colors of a private school(black pants white shirt black tie and jacket or over shirt) along with 2 ear peircings in his right ear. he also wore a skull ring around his fingure and his hair now has a blue streak on the front of his hair.

Personality: None, just no emotionsAlejandro is most of time insane he loves a good fight and most of the time hungers for a good fight you can say hes more insane than grim jow and Ulrquira(or how ever you spell it)on rare occasions he is calm and does nothing but sit around unless he really wanted to fight then he would snap out of it

Likes: he doesn't like anyone anymore, but as a human there was a point and time where he liked people who were caring

Dislikes: everything even his fellow espada

Motivation/Intentions: To destroy everything that gets in his path.

Rank: Quinto Espada

Aspect of Death:Lust

Innate Techniques:

Techniques: Green Tendril: This is a technique used by none other than arturo, this technique is used to drain the opponents spiritual presure.

Name: Green Tendril

Description: This is a technique used by none other than arturo, this technique is used to drain the opponents spiritual presure.

Type: offensive

Range:anywhere from long to short

Zanpakuto Description:

Name: Accla

Appearance: His zanpaktou is in the colors of green, the hilting is of the color black. Though the same exact colors and description as Arturo's blade, Accla blade color is of black. This blade is about indestrucable being made out of Onyx. On the blade the words incripted onto it change from Vengance, Loyalty, and Judgement. Each word represents the meaning of retribution also meaning that his sword changes the words depending on the reason for fighting the said opponent.

Release Command: My last words, those who give in are for ever to die within blood, Accla arise

Resurrecion Information:

Transformation: He turns into the horned owl form almost like ulquiorra's but a bit more complext
Appearance: the wings are made out of green cero. The green cero covers the whole body and his teeth become razor sharp. when he attacks the green cero acts on its own.

Techniques: Deaths Sythe

Name: Death's sythe

Description: deaths sythe is a technique which summons up the ability to change the green cero into black color, it then conjurs up a black sythe which when touches the flesh of the opponent it burns through devouring the spiritual power and life.the weakness is simple, it has a repition of happening 3 times in a ro if you can dodge before it can hit you 3 times then you have the advantage till he recharges for the attack again.

Type: offencive

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History:Alejandro was abused for his whole entire life by his parents
his family and his freinds and mentors till one day at age of 14 he
couldn't take it no more he finally stood up for him self and made skeem
or a plan you might say for the death of his abusers. He first
succeeded on killing his parents from there he became more insane and
kept killing till he got more and more closer to the break of killing
all his abusers. the next week he did and he was drenched in their blood
from head to toe he was smirking and smiling as the blood dripped from
his very fiber of his body. Later on that day he had started to hunger
the deaths of others and soon he got what he wanted he started to kill
people as if it was a game and a game he always won at till he got to
the age of 17. at age 17 he was caught in his tracks and was killed
though he laughed as the blood spilled out of him. from there when
alejandro re awoke he never even got to be shinigami he awoke in white
sand wondering where he was he went mentally insane looking around
seeing but nothing thats when he had noticed there was a hole through
his chest he just laughed and still waited for someone to tell him where
he was an what he was now. he wondered but yet no one came to tell him
till at age 19. At age 19 he was found by azien was was told that he was
going to be hollow for all eternity, but he had a solution and that was
to join the side of azien and in return he would get power unimaginable
to human beings. So alejandro took up his offer and joined azien and
was handed the power of arrancar at age of 119 and his mask formed over
his left eye along with a zanpaktou like sword at his side with the
appearance of and arrancar with the white clothing and the black shoes
(or sandels). From there alejandro was always was eager to kill and was
promised soon enough he could. Later on he obtained the ability of the
Espada rank of quinto, the most insane espada.

RP Sample: A male ninja dressed in black robes walks into the forest area. He sighs
taking a kunai from his kunai pack, he spins the kunai to his right
index finger. He lets his hand run along the currents of the air. He
closes his eyes, he suddenly then re opens his eyes. "Sharingan!" His
eyes glow bright red activating his second tamoe. He then runs forward
with incredible speed, he spins his body jumping into the air, letting
the kunai fly out of his hand striking into a tree. He then lands on the
handle of what remains of the kunai, he jumps upwards from the handle
reaching the top of the tree, he closes his eyes. He grabs the hilt of
his sword, unsheathes the sword, opens eyes and slices the tree directly
in half. He leaps backward catching himself before the impact on the
ground, he then forms hand signs. "Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" from
his mouth he fires a fireball destroying the remains of the tree into
ash. "I need to keep training..."


A ninja sat on the
ground, his eyes closed. He taps directly through his chakra source
activating his full chakra force. His main mission today was to achieve
Lightning Release or Raiton element. His body still sits on the ground,
eyes still shut. Suddenly a burst of chakra pours out of his body. He
gets up and forms a single hand sign, he keeps the hand sign in place.

sighs as he charges chakra within his palms, suddenly they turn the
color of red. "Hmmm it appears that I still have fire element chakra, I
need to focus within more of electricity." He sighs as he moves his
body, forcing two finger tips through the air then pulls them to the
other side. This was the way for beginners without a Sensei to train for
the lightning release. Suddenly it began to thunderstorm, he could use
this to his advantage.

The ninja took a deep breath and as a
current of electricity fired at him he tried directing it through one of
his finger tip by allowing it to go through his body into the next
finger tip. This would kill him if he didn't know what he was doing,
sadly he did not so he was in danger. A blast of electricity struck down
on him, the ninja moved two finger tips outward and two other finger
tips on the other hand towards his back. The electricity flew through
his finger tip and into his body, but not through his other finger tip.
Instead he flew backwards staggering on the ground to regain his

The ninja soon regained his balance and tried this
technique again. He soon realized the current of electricity was
speeding up into his body once it left his finger tips. He needed a way
to direct the electricity flow out a different way before it reached his
body. He soon walked back to where he was before, this time his two
finger tips were pointed upwards and his other two finger tips on the
other hand were close near by. The bolt of electricity struck down
towards him again, this time he was ready.

The ninja's first
finger tips were struck, he then moved his other two finger tips near
one that were struck, causing the electricity flow to move to his other
two finger tips. He suddenly moved his finger tips at a fast pace
towards the sky, but it was in vain he was shot back once again. The
ninja staggered trying to see what went wrong. After he regained his
balance he got back up trying the technique again to see what exactly
went wrong. Once again the electricity struck him sending him flying
into the ground.

The ninja's body was brutally damaged, if he
took another blow like that he would either be dead or paralyzed. He sat
up closing his eyes, thinking and wondering what he could be doing
wrong. Suddenly he realized he had the movements right but their was no
chakra from keeping the flow to go straight into his body. He got up
once more opening his eyes, he walked up to the same spot once again.
The lightning struck, the ninja's first finger tips were struck, he then
moved his other two finger tips near one that were struck, causing the
electricity flow to move to his other two finger tips. Once again, he
suddenly moved his finger tips at a fast pace towards the sky this time
sending chakra into his body. The chakra forced the electricity out of
his body sending it out like a bullet of electricity from his two finger

The ninja smirked a bit this time he was gonna try it
without the technique, he suddenly lifted his hands to the sky. His
hands were struck by lightning, he then forced the electricity into his
chakra system so that he would now have fire and lightning release.
Suddenly he pulled out his sword and placed his hand on the blade of the
sword, the current of the electricity that struck him went into the
blade. He spun the blade then half sheathed it. he walked up to a tree
and with full force he spun the sword out of it's casing, slicing the
tree open. Sparks now fly everywhere. Suddenly the ninja sheathes his
sword quickly, his palms glow white. He takes a deep breath clapping his
hands together. He forms a large electricity ball as his hand seems to
be expanding from the area they were once placed. Suddenly he fires the
electricity ball directly at the tree blowing up the reaming pieces of
what was left.

The ninja now knew he had mastered Lightning
Release, his training was done. He fell to the ground exhausted after
using so much chakra. He fell asleep on the ground as the storm subsided
and went away.


Description: the
ninja feels the pessance of the fire ball then sudenly he does
handsigns. Ninja art: Water Wall-the jutsu in which forms a wall of
water the moves in motion blocking almost every element, but lighting,
earth, and wind. The jutsu blocks the huge fire ball but the water wall
smashes into piecces once colided with the fire ball. The ninja stands
unharmed and throws his kunai, that he had drawn before he fought, into
the middle of the area. Suddenly the ninja does another set of handsigns
and holds the handsign in place as the whole area becomes shrouded in a
mist of some sort. Ninja art: Deadly Mist- A mist summoned up from the
combined chakra of the user and the water, the mist acts like a leech
that feeds on the opponents chakra for quite sometime leaving the
opponent weak if an attack strikes upon him or her. The ninja smirks as
the mist solifies and the becomes like thread that shoots out at his

Light stares at his opponent looking at him knowing
that he will fail with the attack but all he needs to do is draw him
closer to the kunai. Light secretly has the scroll of raikou up his
sleave. Hmmm...if I can draw him closer to the
kunai i can summon raikou to send a blast which could paralize this
ninja, nugh... problem is this ninja seems to be reading my every move
so this could be a harder opponent then I ever faced, or one like i have
never seen before. Who is this ninja...i know i seen his appearance
somewhere, but i can't place my finger on it... the only bloodlines that
i know that can judge the movement of ninja are the Uchiha and the red
eye that basically had no name in it's clan. Hmmm but that can't be
right both those clans are dead arn't they...is it possible that one is
still alive or is the resurection of one of these clans. Nugh...this is
such a pain!

Light stands in his place still staring at
the ninja "before i go on I need to know what clan are you of...I
noticed you read my every movement but I can't see how that is even
possible with both the clans that are able to do that are dead! So who
are you ninja and why are you trying to corrupt the village in the


Description: Through the
mountains of Kumori no Kuni, the grace of clouds floating in illusionary
grey circle round the village from above. Not from a far has the Kage's
office. From there stands a ninja standing on the roof of the Kage's
office who's appearance makes it clear that the ninja is a male. His
hair is as dark as the night sky and sways like the flapping of a crows
wings through the air as the head band in the color of white with a
metal plate over it with the symbol of the cloud village's logo. His
eyes a lushious blue like that of clear blue oceananic water. His mouth
is shroaded by a white mask almost like its wrapped around like medical
wrapping. It appeared he was standing at a hieght of five feet and eight
inches. His clothing was draped in grey as if to blend in with the
clouds. His wrists and bottom legs was gaurded in metal plating. His
hands twirling a kunai knuckle to knuckle making it obvious that he was
skilled enough not to cut him self while doing so.

"Heh go
figure theres nothing to do in this forsaken village. Why do i still
even work here...it seems to me that the outlaws have more fun then any
of the village protectors...it really is starting to piss me off." He
sighs stops rolling is kunai. Suddenly he spins the kunai and it lands
facing flat onto his palm where he then puts it away. Soon after he
flips off the roof landing on the roof of a smaller building. He gets
back up and walks to the edge of the smaller building and jumps down
landing feet first onto the village's ground. "Time to go look for some
exciting. There has to be something to do around in these parts of the
The ninja sighs yet again and begins to walk a ways north
up into the village. As he walks through the village he looks up into
the sky and does not even smile as he stares at the blank and boring
sky. It was here where he realized thats how his life is...boring and
bleak to every aspect. He then stops looking at the sky and looks
straight infront of him where he then encounters the village's forest.
The forest is said to have a genjutsu that would drive a ninja that
was not of the origins of the Cloud Village insane. The forest was not a
normal forest. It raised trees and flowers through the grass. Though
the only difference is that strains of lightning or what looked like
lightning repeatedly trailed around the area, but other than that it was
a rather beutiful area. This forest was a shorcut path into the
Village's town and the outer northern gates to leave the village on an
important mission.

The ninja walked into the the forest as he
steped onto the forests grass the harmless strain of lightning trailed
around the trees and the ninja. "Heh...I always wondered how this forest
came to be it's quite abnormal to most forests..." he sighs as he walks
through heading for town. After a full hour the clouds begin to light
up what becomes the night sky. He is still about a quarter of a mile
away from the villages town. The ninja yet again sighs.
Soon after he
makes it to the entry of the Villages Town which was the main atracting
point for the Village's people.
Description: In
the the town, lies five buildings that circled the areas. Each building
was a store of some sort. The first building to the right was the ramen
stand where the ninja could eat any variety of ramen. The next building
was coated in the color blue and white with the cloud village logo
across the the name "The Cloud Inn" which gave away the fact that it was
the resting place for ninja's who came to the village for a mission.
Soon after came a little show where the steam of smoke always blew out
of. From this shop you can see tiny embers fly up into the air as what
looks like a black smith strikes the metal with a hammer of some sort.
This building is known as the "Cloud Village Weapon Repair and Weapon
Forge" this is where most ninja get their weapons. The nex building has a
cross on top of the building. The cross was in the color of a crimson
red; with this, it had shown it was the medical facility. Then their was
the building where only chuunin and up could enter, The Scroll Shop, in
lies the secrets of any elemental jutsu ranking from D-S. This shop
also has the scrolls of every kind like ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu,
senjutsu (sage jutsu [summoning]), Kaijutsu (weapon jutsu).

ninja sighs once again as he walks into the village's town as he heads
to the ramen stand. He takes his seat as he orders a regular styled
ramen. As the bowl is passed to him he breaks the sticks apart and
begins to eat the ramen. [/b]

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank (Lieutenant and upwards, Espada and Vizard Lords), you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a challenge. This is just an example; "You have been surrounded by the enemy. The only ally with you on this mission has been knocked out, but you still got energy to fight. The leader of the enemy-group jumps towards your uncouncious ally. Please write your response to this." If the applicator approves, hurray you are approved! If not, try to improve it a little bit, perhaps then you will be approved.)
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Sairu Hanori


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PostSubject: Re: Alejandro, Insane Espada Quinto   Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:28 pm

Hi. Everything on your application looks well and nice, so i'm gonna go ahead and give you an RP challenge. If your not done or need to add more things to your application, just ignore this. Ok, here it is ^^

You have just been taken prisoner by the Soul Society. You are sitting, waiting for death by Shinigami hands, when another prisoner quietly tells you that he know a way out, but it requires another person. Although in exchange for this escape offer, he wants you to retreive a valuable item from the Central 46. What will you do? Take the offer and help him? Or stay and find your own way out?
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PostSubject: Re: Alejandro, Insane Espada Quinto   Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:22 am

I'm espada so I would chose to use him as a pawn in my own game, align the pieces of the board together and then when I'm through I would spin my left wrist forward, thrust my palm into the said pawn in the chest. From there i would twist my palm in a circle creating a pool of blood dripping from my hands. I would then slam my palm even deeper into the body and grab hold of the spinal cord and rip it out of the pawn's body. As i pull the spinal cord out the bone snaps shattering through the stomach and the lower waist area. I then take the spinal cord once pulled out, slam it into the body over and over again till I am satisfied. Suddenly I would take the remains of the body walk into a non populated area, meaning no one but the pawn and I are within the area, throw the body into the area. I would summon a green cero like blade and stab it through the body over and over again into the air as my face and body would be drenched in the blood. From there the body would soon evaperate into nothing from the burning spiritual presure from the cero blade. I would then laugh as I would walk away free and lick my bloody hands smirking phrasing the words. "Check Mate" (lol im clincally insane)
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Sairu Hanori


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PostSubject: Re: Alejandro, Insane Espada Quinto   Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:40 am


The reply seemed good and fitting, soo....
Your approved ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Alejandro, Insane Espada Quinto   

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Alejandro, Insane Espada Quinto
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