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 Sen sen

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PostSubject: Sen sen    Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:32 pm

Name:Sen sen

Age: 148 yrs

Visible Age: 20-25 yrs

Appearance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt-hf8Lm3ec
Sen sen looks like a neko arrancarr, her mask is her two cat ears which are on each side of her head. She has a long black and cyan tiger tail that she swishes back and forth as she walks. She whears diferint clothing at diferint times unlike many arrancars.

Personality:she is a verry quiet arrancar with a need to nurcher hollows. Her killjoy instinckt comes out every so often and she will go on a killing spree. she is a lone wolf kinda person expt when it comes to grimmjow or danger then she is realy shy. She will risk her life for what she beleaves is good or her master. she will ease drop ofte with her cat ears. She likes mischef but doesn't cause it offten. She likes quiet evenings and stalking grimmjow. She is a realy nice person if your not one of her enimes.

Likes: Meat, fair fights, grimmjow, hollows, killing, and cats

Dislikes: most dogs, fire, unfair fights, killing innocent people, and fighting friends.

Motivation/Intentions: She is motivated to live because of grimmjow, and her sister Scorpi.

Rank: grimmjow's fraccion

Aspect of Death: (Which aspect of death does the character represent? You can read all of them in the guidebook. Applies for Espada only.)

Innate Techniques:

Techniques: water based techniques, and the basic arrancar tec.

Name: water Torras

Description: she summons water tigers to fight with her they can kill almost anything expt very strong foes, it's weakness is any electric abilities or attacks.

Type: offence

Range: all range

Zanpakuto Description:

Name: Torra

Appearance:Torra resembals sen sen some what and has long black and white hair. He wheres a grey kimono with three black stripes on each sleave. He has three black stripes on each side of his face as well. He where's white pants with a black belt like cloth thing, that hangs down infront on his waist. He has a long white tiger's tail with black stripes, and he where's plain sandals and is verry neetly kept. pic

Release Command: Stalk and kill torra

Resurrecion Information:

Transformation: as she says her command she thowes her zanpakto into the air. As it goes up she crouches then launces hersellf into the air. She caches her zanpakto in her mouth as she comes down hands first she slowly turnes into a black tigress with cyan stripes as her zanpakto disapears.

Appearance:in her reserecion she lookes like before she became an arrancar. In her Resurrecion she becomes a black tigress with cyan stripes. she has sharp claws and furr. Her ears change to cyan with a white dot in the center. she has sharp teeth that are slightly biger than that of a normal tiger and are her canines are almost the size of a saber toothed tiger.

Techniques: the basics and her own technique called soul stare

Name: soul stare

Description: in soul stare she can look into ones memories as long as she keeps eye contackt she can only use it on a person three times before it won't work on that person any more, it is a move that can't be copied or duplicated in any way. It's weakness is one with no memories or breaking eye contackt.

Type: ???

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History: she lived poorly in a poor town. she could always see spirets. she lived having to steel food, and play her flute for money. when she was 10 her parents were killed by a hollow and she wached te whole thing her and scorpi hid and lived. After her parents were killed scorpi raisd her but scorpi died fom illness a year later and became a hollow.
scorpi stayed with sen sen untill a souol reper chased her away to heco mundo. sen sen died that winter alone from starvation.
she went to heco mundo to find her sister and she found scorpi. they traveled the white desert together sharing kills and hunting together. sen sen then found the arrancar base and killed a fraccion, seeing her strength they turned her into an arrancar and she now trains animal like hollows

RP Sample:Sen Sen did a flip after being punched and slashed her sword at Ci ci. Sen Sen was calm but fast and kill happy. she swung her blade fast as it glisened in the moonlight with the tigers semingly pouncing at their prey as she went at Cici. sen sen made quick fuent movements as she atacked smothly with strengh like that of a tiger.

Last edited by Sensen on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:03 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : it wasnt done)
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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Sen sen    Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:14 am

Approved. I would say lengthen the history, but you're not going for a high rank. So I'll allow it to be short. It is for that same reason you do not need a RP challenge. Welcome. ^^
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Sen sen
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