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 Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)

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Yuri Asiwa


Posts : 10
Join date : 2010-07-23

PostSubject: Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:41 am

Personal Information:

Name: Yuri Asiwa

Age: 117

Visible Age: 17

Appearance: Yuri, has kitsune like ears because of the merge from her kitsune mask that she wore the day of her death the day of the fireworks. She also has very large breasts, she normaly does not ware a bra and wares black netting under her clothing much like ninja ware. She still has the section rank from her old squad from being former lutenant of the 8th squad, on her back.

Personality: Yuri Asiwa is normally hyper active, much like yuroichi she is open minded and heart felt. She is also very sexual towards both sexes, when caught in battle she likes to think of them much like games and has fun with her so called "play mates".

Likes: People who are friendly towards her

Dislikes: people who are not friendly towards her

Motivation/Intentions: To make the world a safer place

Rank: Vizard Lord

Zanpakuto Description:

Appearance: much like a normal katana the only thing that is placed as a difference is the color of the hilt. Within the diamond shaped grip of the hilt is the shading of orange.

Spirit Appearance: The spirit within her zanpaktou is a kitsune, the kitsune has the number of 10 tails, though no signifigance the number of tails have no meaning it is just the way the spirit looks like. The kitsune has a blue and red strips down the midle of it's nose and the tri unity circles on it's fore head.

Spirit Personality: Much like yuri the spirit is caring and hyper active. though when tempted it is best not to tick off the kitsune like spirit

Release Command:Shikai Comand: Let the spirits hear you, let your self reign within the moons shadow, hnnn Tsuki Hana

Bankai Comand:Reign, Tsuki Hikari!

Released Appearance:

Shikai Release form: The release form of her shikai is double sided crescent moon sword. It posses the arua of blue around it and is best powerful unsealed within the full moon.

Description: It can use time and gravity to make it look like the opponent is moving slowly within his or her state of being when really time and gravity is moving the same. This normaly leaves the opponent open for attacking.

Type: Elemental
NOTE: No doubletype Zanpakuto.

Bankai Information:
NOTE: Bankai can only be used by Captains and advanced Lieutenants. Vizards can also have Bankai, though their Bankai is weaker than an advanced Captain's. However, the mask enhances their Bankai, making them more or less, equal.

Bankai Appearance: When she is in bankai release she is normally within a pissed off state. Her hair color is placed in the color of blue and her kitsune ears the shade of aqua. On her back forms metal bladed wings and her sword forms into a stub of a buster blade. Once the sword slices the opponent the stub forms into a large like sword and slices down towards the opponent. the winged blades shoot out like projectiles and form back, or they can be much like a shield.

Description: it amplifies the abilities of the shikai. the winged blades shoot out like projectiles and form back, or they can be much like a shield. Once the sword slices the opponent the stub forms into a large like sword and slices down towards the opponent.

Mask Information:

Inner Hollow Manifestation: My inner hollow is a dublicate form of me just black and white much like itchigo's hollow form.

Inner Hollow Personality: Physcho and deadly, though she has no control over yuri. Yuri likes to use a spiritual presure seal much like kenpachi's eye patch but her seal is her earing.

Special Abilities: The Hollow abilities summon up the ability to enhance the speed of yuri and use a technique called the moon petal dance {the sword shatters into sakura blossom petals and shrouds the area, yuri then vanishes and appears in numberous places around the opponent slicing the opponent without a trace of being found.}

Hollow Mask Appearance: Her mask is much like a kitsune mask how ever like her kitsune spirit it has the red and blue strips going down the middle of the face. The teeth of the mask look like that of a demon.

Duration: 10 posts

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

Living Arc: As a live human yuri was invited by her friend to go to a cerimonial fire work display for a certain celebration. When she agreed to go she placed her cerimonial kimono on her self and left to the fire work display. On that night she fell in love with a certain mask with kitsune like ears. She bought the mask and placed it on her face. When she met up with her friend, she was caught between the crossfire of a fight. Knowing that it was none of her buisness she walked away from it but soon it became her buisness when she was shoved into the ground. She cried for help till she was put out of her misery from one punch into the stomach which severed her ribs. Yuri soon died of shock.

Dead Arc: Now dead yuri found her self chained to the ground, she looked around wondering where she was. She began to ask questions if she was dead, she began to cry till a man dressed in black clothing walked over to her, he wiped her tears and told her a secret into severing the chains and being free. SHe let out a whelp of joy and then soon found out she had kitsune ears. She then had hope and the chain broke free. The man offered his hand and told her to come with him.

Shinigami Arc: Now as a shinigami yuri excelled with ease and earned the chair of a lutenant of the 8th division. How ever she began to remember how she was killed, suddenly the night she was comisioned as a lutenant a mysterious voice began talking laughing at her. told her how pathetic she was. Yuri lost her mind and was placed in a world staring face to face to a black and white like reflection of her self. The figure struck at her, Yuri dodged and plunged her sword into her replica. She defeated her mirrored self in battle. Though having noticed that she had hollow in her she left the shinigami world in search of finding who she was.

Vizard Arc: Though now a vizard she now had the ability of the bankai after learning it from her captain who let her go free who warned her if he saw her again he would kill her so he prepared her for it. Now that Yuri was a vizard she vowed not to use her hollow like form unless needed so she made a kidou spell which sealed her hollow powers into an earing with she hooked into her ear, as long as the earing was in her ear she had complete control over her self. After the disappearance of the vizard race she was the only one left. She now wanders waiting for more vizard but half the time she walks awround atending at the school karakura highschool in her 17 year old earth world body. She always liked hanging around humans. It made it so she would not be detected so she wouldn't have to fight. How ever only captain and espada could read her spiritual presure.

RP Sample:
No chakra? Pandora had stood among the river banks of the Village Hidden amongst the waterfall. Her advanced chakra sensing abilities just sensing nothing at all. She was currently in a cavern, crouching by a streaming fluid of light blue water. There were many secrets about the village of Takigakure; of which many ceased to find. Her body itching of sweat from traveling so long without a break, but she quickly ignored the sensation to drop down and take a rest. She took in a breath. Sweet. She needed a drink. Her heart shaped face peered over the edge of the water, her thin lips curling up into a smile. Showing her white teeth afterwards she stared at her reflection. A heart shaped face stared back at her, the features coming in hazily as she watched. She had thin lips covered by a moderate amount of peach lip gloss, a thin but not completely unusual nose down the middle of her face, quickly setting up a position for almond shaped eyes above. With blood red crimson iris darting into the water as played with the cloth hem of her poncho. Loose red locks of hair was flowing down the from bun that it was tied on top off.

She submerged a hand into the water, dropping down onto her knees slowly as her hands continued to swirl through. Cold. She thought this as the waters remained calm. As if it were a person itself. But water was a free form object formed by two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom to create the substance. She cupped her hands, her neat black nail polish slowly fading away. "I need to paint my nails," she whispered out within a single breath. Her voice seductive, full of lust. She threw her cupped hands together and shoved them without patience into the water. Scooping up some water she poured it up to her lips. Her lips touching the base of her hands as she pushed her hands upwards and opened her mouth barely. Allowing entry in, she took in the perfectly clean water through her body. Her hands remained wet and she slid them against the rock wall of the cavern. She was several miles inwards, approximately 4 miles. She had no longer saw the light of the entrance but the darkness of void land and the water that seemed to flow inwards. Was this the secret backway entrance of the village? Upon a rock was a kanji. It was fading but there were several of them every 50 meters. But from there on, she had an even count of them. She traveled forward and saw that the kanji markings had ended, so there was something here, but she couldn't figure it out.

She gasped. How could she so stupid! She lifted up her poncho as she folded it up so small and put it into her pack. She clasped a handseal together. 'Chakra Supression!' she thought, mouthing the words as they barely came out. The soft sound barely hitting against her ears as she made her chakra sense so low that only skilled chakra sensors like herself could be able to notice it, not even doujutsu of the stature of Byukugan and Sharingan able to trace it. Then, there was another thing. "Meisaigakure no Jutsu" she whispered simply, her body turning invisible and taking it with her surroundings as she was now remained in a white tight tank top that hugged her curves, showing her body along with black boots and black short shorts. Of course, this was not visible. She was completely stealthy now as she fished through the water. Her body moved downwards as she saw a small rock, put it barely covered what seemed like an entrance to a hole. She peered onwards and pushed it open to see a hole. Heh. She swam more inwards to it, hoping that it would be perfect. She knew that she barely had any breaths left. She was to train that some more, but her natural affinity with water allowed her to be better with her breathing under water. As she then swam upwards, she pressed her head out. She gasped. At the base of the village, more so towards the back was a waterfall. It fell down and she had came out from right behind where the waterfall fell. Perfect.

She swung her body forward, being cooled down as she swam to the side. The waterfall concealing her movements as she took in a good sized breath for 15 seconds, hoping to take in enough. She went under the water and swam through until the waterfall had completely hid her movements. She was at the side now and rolled out of the water. Still camouflaged and her chakra compressed, she walked through the street. It seemed abandon and unguarded. PAndora presumed that they thought only villagers would find out about this route, but they were wrong. Should she use a henge jutsu? She began to ask herself. She released her camoflauge technique and pressed together a jutsu. "Henge," she mumbled out clearly. She only mumbled because she was in the middle of a yawn. She now appeared as a 5'5 height and average sized girl from Takigakure. She had short cropped brown hair that stop just at the top of her shoulder. Along with this was crisp blue eyes and a headband of the village around her neck. She wore black tights along with ninja sandals. With this was a white and blue silken kimono with an obi wrapped around that made it appear as a dress. She looked completely different, even the skin tone was different. Nobody here knew her voice, so that wouldn't be hard. Yet, her chakra was still compressed so she continued onwards through the path.

The village was destroyed and distant now. Different from the bustling tourist attraction that it was via her last time here. The village seemed in rubble and most of it scorched on the sides by burns and other disasters. Wow. They were really destroyed. But only the inner of the village, but that was mainly where the important stuff happened. Extremely weak, thought Pandora. Now she needed a new name for the time. She began to think. Hikari. She emerged towards the village more, as if she were a normal villager. I mean, she was!

{only post like this if I am bored...}

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank (Lieutenant and upwards, Espada and Vizard Lords), you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a challenge. This is just an example; "You have been surrounded by the enemy. The only ally with you on this mission has been knocked out, but you still got energy to fight. The leader of the enemy-group jumps towards your uncouncious ally. Please write your response to this." If the applicator approves, hurray you are approved! If not, try to improve it a little bit, perhaps then you will be approved.)
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Sairu Hanori


Posts : 37
Join date : 2010-07-20

PostSubject: Re: Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:10 am

Ok, everything looks good and in order, but since Jor'Lo is the Vizard Leader, i'll approve you a a Vizard Lord. I suppose I should give you an RP Challenge.

A group of evil Bounts and rogue Shinigami have just invaded the Vizard Warehouse. They have taken all of your comrades hostage, and has fatally wounded your leader. At the last moment, your leader slips a powerful device into your hands just before he dies. The evil Bounts and rogue Shinigami call out and threaten your friends death if you don't hand over the device. Although if you do, they will spare your friends and offer you a moderate amount of power.
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Yuri Asiwa


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PostSubject: Re: Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:24 am

Yuri looks puzzled looking at the device then the bounts and the shinigami. Yuri then sighs and begings to raise her hand, she smiles and mutters the words play time. The shinigami looks at her confused thinking that she was going to offer her body the way she worded play time. The shinigami was dead wrong. Yuri smiled and removed her earing, suddenly from flames of black a mask began to form around her face.

Yuri's eyes faded to yellow and her personality changed ten fold. She suddenly vanishes as pink petals fall onto the ground. Suddenly a gust of wind hits the petals and sends them circling around the bount and the shinigami. In one slight sound of a clink, the shinigami fell to the ground his body cut from the waist directly in half. The blood then shook onto the bount, the blood splashed within his eyes.

The bount began to wander aimlessly trying to regain his vission, it was no use in the next ten seconds the bount was stabed through the stomach by Yuri's sword. She smirks and the bount thinks she is done with him. Little did he know she was still in hollow state so she wanted to have fun. "Let the spirits hear you, let your self reign within the moons shadow, hnnn Tsuki Hana" Suddenly within the bount's stomach the blade evolved into her shikai form.

A hook shot out of his skull from the crescent moon like shape of her sword. She twisted the sword slicing it out of the bounts body. She giggles and smiles, she lets out a small sigh. "thanks for playing boys, Yuri had a fun time un..." She shakes the blood on the ground, her zanpaktou forms back to it's normal state. She sheathes the blade and places the earing back on her.

The vizard like mask shatters into peieces and Yuri regained her consiousness panting from using so much power. She walks over to the prisoner vizards and lets them go. She smiles as they all leave, she begins to walk away as she passes the body of her dead leader. She then looks at the device in her hand wondering what exactly it did. She sighed and put the device away and vanished with the other vizards.

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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:41 am

Approved as Vizard Lord. Welcome to the site. ^^
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Yuri Asiwa


Posts : 10
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PostSubject: Re: Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:42 am

Yuri thanks you ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)   

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Yuri Asiwa, The Hot Vizard ;)
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