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 Usui Takami

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Usui Takami


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PostSubject: Usui Takami   Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:14 am

Personal Information:

Name: Usui Takami

Age: 218

Visible Age: 23

Appearance: Look at avatar. His greatest features are his jet black hair that sparkles greatly within the divine of the creature known as "the sun". His eyes, sea blue in the shadows, though upon contact with any visible light, the iris, having been moddified, lessens it's density in pigmentation and releases a much "baby blue" colour.

Personality: Usui is a man, who worked extremely hard in his field of work, not because he was determined but more out of pleasure, the thrill he saw in her line of work was inexplicable and when has that same sort of rush, that waltz through his body, he becomes an unstopable force.

As kind as a man he is, Usui has an incredible amount of storage for hatred Noble families. He despises them much more readily than anything he has ever witnessed before; surprising himself, when the surge of hatred looms over him, clouding his sane judgment, willing to destroy them without a second chance; when they stole the very innocence of his virtue, he set his path to ripp them into shreds, should the chance arise.

Though, when considering his hatred, he keeps it completely isolated within his inner self, feeding the hatred to inner spirit within his Zanpakutou, while his outer surface keeps a sane posture, composed, ready and above all deadly. Though, from such a hatred perspective, his mind becomes clearer than ever, his mind becomes suddenly aware, his inner spirit, works complimently with his new self, able to perform the tasks he want.

It should be known that Usui is a man whom is kind and generally jolly, polite even to those that under rank him. Usui is a type of person that values hardwork, knowing the value of freedom and the indept ability to be free to do as you please, Usui places no burdens on other, in fact he relieves others of their burdens wishing them a future without a very trifle past. The only item in his life that he puts before others is his wife, a young woman that became an accidental subject to his experiment and as a result she now is in his forever care, despite her reluctance.

Likes: His wife, coke, chess, multiple puzzles that get's his head spinning.

Dislikes: His wife, when she displays her naked self in her true form, those who take his coke and those whom have the potential to irritate him.

Motivation/Intentions: Save his wife form the cat form fate.

Division: 12th Division

Rank: 12th Division Captain and President of the SDRI

Zanpakuto Description:

Appearance: (How does your Zanpakuto look like? Please write at least 2 lines. You can use a picture as well, but two line of description is still required.)

Spirit Appearance: Human figure is his human spirit form that he appears when he chooses to commune with Usui.
The shark in the background is his true form, a noble shark, spreading fear and tyranny across the stormy seas.

Spirit Personality:The spirit is one that is extremely angry, aggressive and most openly, cold. However this is merely a sharad, for the spirit is deeply wounded both emotionally and spiritually (the evidence clearly lies within the open spirit world). While he acts the complete opposite as what Usui does, though he truly admires his master for the man has been continously humble and patient with the spirit. Learning together, working and relying on one another. The spirit shows none of these qualities though he is only naiave to believe he's successfully hidiing his true revereance for the master. Furthermore, the spirit seems to have a "weak spot", so to say, for Usui's wife, a woman whom has no bounds and is infinitely irritating the poor spirit even weidling him in an odd fashion, though the spirit holds no grudges but is readily irritated by her and is deeply depressed when hes placed second in Usui's (Usui's wife comes first).

Release Command: "Awaken Yee Who is Condemned To a Life of Eternal Despair" or "Awaken"

Released Appearance:He attains 4 handles, two on each of his wrists and two on the dorsal portion of his foot, these handles can "rotate" in any direction and they secrete solidified water, not ice, with electricity running on the brim to improve the raw cutting power. The water produced from the handles are extremely destructive and only abide to Usui's wishes.

Description: The black katana has a much brighter blue outline, so much so that it appears to be giving off a bright blue light, while the handle guard seems to be secreting water into the atmosphere. As water from the air is rapidly collected, compressed, transcripted in one fluid motion.

General Ability:

General ability is simple. Usui has full fundamental ability to control and manipulate water. Though having said this, an extra ability also lies in his wake, he has the potential to evolve the water so to speak. For instance his water can so pure that it cannot be broken, nor it can be heated nor can it be frozen. Furthermore any external attempt, i.e. by an enemy, to control his water will result in the complete negation of the attempt and nothing would happen. For the final feature any water or any constitute that consists of water (namely hydrogen and oxygyen) that touches his sword will have a pulse of reatsu frequency sent through the bonds, breaking the water molecules and reforming them in the very instant while he fuses the molecues with his reatsu, i.e. they become his and also become lightningy, as all his water has electricty going through it.


- Sunappu [Snap]: Slowly, raindroplets begin to drop down from the sky, each droplet weighs around 2kg, the rate of dropping is low but continous bombardment can heavily affect the nature and motility of even the most powerful enemies. The water and rain are under the direct control of Usui, it cannot be affected by any other. This doesn't have electricity running through it but if it collects on the ground then it will.

Duration: Continous until Usui stops.

- Shio [Tide]: Water all around Usui slams upwards in a great cascade of water, shielding him from potentially powerful attacks. While the electricity helps to nullify the worst of the attacks.

Usage: 1
Cooldown: 2

- Totan [Misery]: He sprouts water out into the atmosphere, then slow, he causes them to reflect the light in such a way that he can create clones of himself, when a clone is wrongly destroyed they explode into powerful explosion that is capable of causing damage that is equal to that of 2nd degree burns, except that the water uses raw power to almost "eat" away the flesh of the victim.

Charge up time: 2 posts
Clones: 3 clones, only 1 can be used at a time.
Cool down: 3 posts

"Toko Mizu" - Endless Water

The swords filled with super fast current water, which is highly pressured, if struck, the swords send out a POWERFUL wave of water, that if it strikes the enemy, it -will- punch a whole through them regardless of having hierro or not, or take out a limb. Further more, the water is sooo radically unstable that when a small reaction occurs from her reatsu as a signal, a fission like chain reaction occurs, causing the water to explode blasting the area in a explosive water and electricity.

Usage: 3 Cool Down: 2

"Tentou Okei" - Heaven's Blessing

He collects water above the enemy, though its hard to tell when the molcules are formed enough properly, when she says the word, or smashes down on the enemy her sword or a thought of his mind, a water fall, made of highly pressurized super fast current water, weighing 30 tons, smashes down on the enemy, hitting an area of 100m and then exploding.... this is more devasting than the attack above.

Usage: 2 Cool Down: 3

"Naiou" - Depths

A great water sheild froms in front of him, while its not completely powerful, it can withstand a few ceros not a gran rey ceros or high end kido or dangerou atacks; this water shield floats around her preventing any damage that can strike at him. When its struck, the shield dispenses the energy of the attack across it's surface, when i hits a critcal point, the energy forces the water to freeze and shatter, sending thousands of icicles that can embed and explode in the enemy.

Usage: 1 Cool down: 4

Enrik - devour

Four miniture pylons take form around his figure, two above his shoulders and two below his ankles, these pylons squirt a burst of highly, electrified, water, and combine rapidly in an instinctive manner (so the shield forms almost instantaneously) to form a shield around Usui. While it may not be able to withstand more than 2 high end ceros, though it's extremely effecient against melee attacks. The weakest part of the shield is the sides, at where Usui's arms are, as the water isn't as thick as it is on the front or back. The shield can range from a 360 degree sheild to a mere square infront of his face/ When the shield is overpowered, after 2 posts, the shield pylons mutate into 4 gigantic sharks that move at a speed of a bala and can ravage an enemy.

Duration: Until broken
Cooldown: 4 posts, for shield to be used again, sharks last until destroyed.

Type: Elemental NOTE: No doubletype Zanpakuto.

Bankai Information:
NOTE: Bankai can only be used by Captains and advanced Lieutenants. Vizards can also have Bankai, though their Bankai is weaker than a Captain's. However, the mask enhances their Bankai, making them more equal.

Bankai Appearance:

He gains a suit, a majestic suit coated in a liquid black like material so that light is reflected from the surface making it appear almost "shiny". This suit gives him extra protection from attack, it's solid enough to withstand 1 or 2 cero's in resurcion form and when it's damage, it repairs after 2 posts, it constists of 3 layers.

Description: This is the pinncle of all water swords, the air becomes extremely cloudy, the sky is bolting lightning at the raindroplets, infusing them with electrical energy, furthermore the water droplets now weigh 4kg and the rate of their dropping is steady rainfall. However the true attribute of the bankai is that all water (external) in 15m radius goes under Usui's control. Finally, his bankai's sword acts as a magnified magnet for water, so to speak a simple cut from this zanpkautou can leech almost all the water within a creature's body or change it's affiliation to follow Usui's commands.

Water tundrils, 50 m width shoot up into the sky, while tyndrils from the sky shoots downwards onto the ground, they keep appearing and the water formed is utalised -only- by Usui, meaning no other water or ice users can use it for their own, which makes it harder as his bankai takes a majority of the water in atmosphere. These pillars are made up of super fast current waters, and highly pressures; he can manipulate their direction, forcing to hit the enemy if needed and they can synchronizingly explode. In this form all his shi kai abilities are improved and have their cool downs reduced by half. While bankai is up, water tundrils continue to be made.

"Futtou Enkai" Boiling Ocean
Water from around instantly boils, releasing boiling hot steam but the beauty of it is, all the water produced, shoots up into the air...the enemy thinking it's gone as water then wraps light around itself making it invisible...then comes crashing down, covering a 800m radius... the sheer force causes it to explode and because of the heat and pressurized speed water...it leads to a MONUMENTAL explosion that boils, tears apart anything caught in it's wake. Usui cannot be harmed by this nor the people he doesn't want to be harmed.

[Will add more when I think of some]

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History: Born into a low class, within a noble society; Usuo was raised in a family that had worked in generations for a higher Social family. With such in mind, Usui's life had been pre planned, he were to work as a memeber of his clan to raise, nurture and tend to the needs of the "Asuri" clan, one of the fore most notorious clans that were known withing the Four Great Courts. The Asuri clan, specialised in smuggling, extortion, assasination and anything else crooked, while the society were aware of their methods and ideals, though none had protested nor had any proof; meaning two things, central 46 was corrupt, the very memebers of 46 used the Isuri clan on those who protested against 46's leadership, were soon removed from the grid; "unofficially" ofcourse. In return, 46 ensured the status of such a clan without leading to any justifying proof that proesecuted the clan.

Usui, humbly fell into his work, becoming a butler that he trained from a young age with his father, moving from mansion to mansion, to work among other butlers of his clan, serving the Isuri clan to it's up most needs. However, while Usui was a butler, among the women of Isuri, many of them had found him attractive, his silk black hair, which blossomed superbly with his enchanting, blue eyes, made him a prize that women would shed blood for... or rather, women in their own world, especially when considering women whom had power and were pigs that fed of the hard work of others; used their in fluence, many turning to his parents, demanding that he were to be removed from his position and become a mistress- this was out of the question... Women after women came and gave smilar approach, some kinder than those before; handing out promises of generous amount of money, a title to strip them of their enslavement, a new life, while others began to use threats, saying that anyone who defied the members of the Isuri was doomed. A potential threat but Usui's parents ignored such vile motives, believing that they were protected by their lineage as the servents of Isuri clan; though it was all in vain, they were slaughtered in their sleep, while Usui was kidnapped; placed in one of the dungeons of the Isuri clan.

There he was raped, abused, beaten and many of the women had their way with him, though the men of the clan were the worst; their eyes full of rage and frustration at captive boy's beauty and ability to enchant their own women better than any of the men of Isuri clan could ever achieve in a life time.

After being held captive for 3 years, an heir to the Isuri clan, going by the name Blair, was the hero who came to his aid. Blair was a woman that varied completely from the rest of her kins man; when she caught whim of a man enslaved pathetically by the women of her own clan, she took arms, killing those in her way, to claim her prize; Usui. At first, Blair was not expecting to find such a man in her domain that she never knew about, though she was equally stunned, if not more by the beauty of the man; she desired him just as the women of the Isuri clan, wanting him for herself, her body's lust became a beast that clawed at her inside, wanting her to have him. When she approached him with lustful eyes, Usui cringed away, shying into the corner, his body a small ball, shaking violently, expecting the dreadful event about to occur, that he was victimised many times.

The heir, approaching him, noticed his pathetic form, instantly the beast within subdued...it's lust now became pain for the boy; he was weak, innocent, deprived of himself, his life and his parents- the Isuri clan took more than they deserved, it enraged Blair, hating herself and her kinsman for prostating such a heinous crime on a man with a pure spirit.

She took as him for her own but with a different method and ideal, she freed him of his ancestor's ensalvement, cherished him, made her mission to restore the sweet boy he once was. She cared for him more than she ever could...or ever was allowed. Isuri women, were taught to look down upon men, not to treat them as equals but to use them for heirs and pleasure; Blair, completely disobeyed such orders, caring for the man she wounded soo terribly that she thought he had suffered such mental instability from constant depressive motives, that he was beyond repair.

For 15 years she cared for him, sacrificing her own health, becoming weaker as the days went by, suffering from an incurable disease, though she loved the little time she had on the planet with him; whom recovered fully and became her fiancé. However, when Usui caught whim of her suffering, he immediatly took action, signing up to the Shinigami Academy, wanting to become a researcher in the 4 Courts, to be able to find a cure for the woman he truly idolised. While he studied and worked hard for find a placement within the 12th Division after graduation, the Isuri clan whom took a blind eye to their whole "affair" but when word came out of their engagement, the clan took Desperate measures, instead of killing the two, they believed that they were far out worse by living in a world with no financial support and experience in the real world.

Banishing the two, was not a problem, Usui found a place within the 12th Division and became instantly sub merged in his work; his motivation and hard work, pushed him through the ranks regardless of wanting them or not. However, his research was always incomplete, though he kept his fiancé alive, for many years that none thought she'd live through.

As centuries passed, Usui became a captain of the 12th Division, all research and experiments were freely under his control; he noticed from previous reports at the regeneration rate of arrancars. By stealing DNA from arrancar, he synthesised a syrum, that would theortically be used to cure his fiancé's incurable disease. Accidently giving his fiancé the pure Arrancar DNA, she began to volitaly mutate her body rapidly becoming swallowed by the DNA, transmutationg her if you will, Usui using his rapid thinking quickly manifested a simple invention that he had created for such an extreme measure. Using his soul he broke the bonds in them siphoning the energy, produced from the splitting of the soul much like a fission reaction, and fragments into her system, he quickly saved her life. Though she was confined into a figure of a cat. It pained him to see her like this, for many years he found it difficult to look at her and continue his research but after his wallow he gazed back through his life, seeing the amount she had sacrificed for him and so continues to search for a cure.

RP Sample: RP Sample:Starrk walked slowly against the harsh desert blizzard that pelted at him, it was strong, much stronger than any other sand storm he'd come across in all his years of wandering. Or was it that the loneliness was then too unbearable, it's pain reached such a pinnacle that it shadowed the childish onslaught of little granules feebly pelting against his thickened skin. He sighed, as he wrapped the ragged cloak tighter over his body, using his arms inside to grasps small ends of said cloak and hold them in place to prevent it from being ripped away from his body, the heavy hood that came with his cloak was beyond help, everytime he tried to throw it over his head, it fluttered relentlessly, wanking to escape, bask in the glory of the howling wind... It was not the it hurt or anything, when the sand particles smashed into his body, just that it sort of irritated him after awhile, especially in his eyes....

He looked up, his eyes narrowed to prevent as little granules to pierce through and hit the organs behind; reminiscing about how he first felt the storms fury. It was comical to think that anything of nature's power would be able to affect him...but it did, in a comical manner, it tickled him again and again, he used to spend endless hours, within the storm, when first was born as a hollow. The small tickling sensations that erupted all over his body, marking the regions where the granules landed like asteroids on his body, though to no avail in creating little clustered impact holes on his skin.

He sighed, sending a little surged off reatsu across his body and with a soft "boom" he dissappeared, re-appearing like a fixed image of himself far from the storm, making it seem like he teleported rather than actually used sonido. It was a characteristic like this that had made him powerful, his movements, his strength and aboveall his deadly reatsu...these were toys any hollow would kill over, thouh not Starrk. These abilities were meaningless, they obscured him, marked him as dangerous and segregated him from everyone. He hated it, he wanted to get away, he wanted to find someone he canbewith without them falling dead on him; it was the sole reason he joined up with Aizen but after facing a near death encounter, he never expected it to be like that, in fact had it not been for lily, he would have welcomed death...and she would have died too...

He sighed, leaning backwards but letting his body fall back onto the soft sand, the temprature had picked up, humidity too soon followed and Starrk cursed himself internally for finding such a wretched place, but then again he was too lazy to find another...besides he had plenty to think about; when lily told him to survive, he did so, leaving the scene, making everyone believe he had died to the captain... When he came to his sense after wards, he ran, ran away from lily, Lily was dear to him, he had been so close to dieing when he welcome death in open arms; this aggrevated him, he bit his lower lip, and threw his arm up over his eyes, trying to bury the shame that followed- he'd left lily, not wanting to be a danger to her, wanting her to be safe...he'd rather be alone than her dead...

He sighed, how he missed his other half, how she could read him like no other could...he sighed but he turned his head slightly, so that oneeye was peering underneath his arm, a hollow fell to the floor, dead no doubt, it's body still twitching as the remaining ions fluttered endlessly, trying to stay alive before they too met the same fate as their master. he sighed and said in a low voice,

"Where are you lily..."

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank (Lieutenant and upwards, Espada and Vizard Lords), you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a challenge. This is just an example; "You have been surrounded by the enemy. The only ally with you on this mission has been knocked out, but you still got energy to fight. The leader of the enemy-group jumps towards your uncouncious ally. Please write your response to this." If the applicator approves, hurray you are approved! If not, try to improve it a little bit, perhaps then you will be approved.)

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Samara Sawamatsu


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PostSubject: Re: Usui Takami   Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:56 am

Please use our template.
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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Usui Takami   Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:52 pm

A few questions. One, why did you not add an appearance for your Zanpakto in it's sealed state? also, what do you mean by "usage" for your techniques?
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Usui Takami


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PostSubject: Re: Usui Takami   Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:05 pm

Katana is a simple normal katana :S.

Usages...lawl. Well okay I'll enlighten you. The term "usage" refars to the fact at how many times I may use the tech before the cool down, so Usgages = 3, means I can use that technique 3 times before the cool down kicks in,
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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Usui Takami   Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:14 pm

Ok, now I get it. I thought you were refering to how much SP points it uses, which we haven't figured out the stat system yet so that confused me. Here is your RP challenge:

You're experimenting with a Vizard when the experiment goes HORRIBLY wrong. One of your chemicals has made him go into his Near-death Hollow state, and the Antidote has just enraged the Vizard and it has escaped it's bonds. What do you do? Do you fight it? Or do you run away and get help, allowing it to rampage through the Soul Society while you search for someone? (Note, you have to type out the fight if you fight, and you must type out your search if you search for help. Second Note, if you fight, you do not have to win, but if you lose and die the RP challenge needs to be at least seven paragraphs, with at least five paragraphs of fighting.)
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Usui Takami


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PostSubject: Re: Usui Takami   Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:03 pm

She was there. The creature. The half-breed. The constitue of both hollow and Shinigami: a Vizard. A species that had been recently discovered, an elusive band of folk that had wormed their very essence onto tales, rumours within the Court of Pure Souls. However with all source of tales and mythical appearance always had a sense of truth and factual nature. It was this very belief that lead to the capture of the "girl" before the Captain. It was interesting and exciting for the "Captain", oho, yes it was. He'd never seen such a creature before, nor had the privelege to even encounter one. Yet there was the very mythical monster that plundered in the human world, only living within the shadows of one's mind.

"Irony" said the Captain, following with a soft chuckle, he stepped forward from the shadows of the room. He had a small cigarrette in the ostium of his mouth, twirling the said piece of paper from one end of his mouth to the other. His footsteps echoed softly through the empty room, as he stepped closer to the chained woman, he drew his left hand from the pocket, within the overlaying white labcoat that he wore, to reveal an empty hand, though one without true purpose. The hand swung upwards, spreading the forefinger and middle finger ever so slightly, just enough for the cigarrette to slip in between, as the fingers snapped shut on the body of the material; trapping it in the process. The hand leered away from the mouth, letting the Captain set free a section of purified smoke. He smiled, as he made his mouth into a small "O", his cheeks puffing in and out, causing little ringlets of smoke to issue from his mouth.

He smiled at the woman in encouragement as the ringlets oozed towards her; she snapped her head away, letting her dark hair to cover her facial features.

"Emily, please consider what I have to offer." the captain said with deep pain in his voice. He wanted to help the woman, remove her from the curse that she was within...but she seemed snared by the inner beast, it's lucrative whispering gave her confidence, which she seemed to lack in her shinigami life.

He sighed.

"Please Emily. I want to help." he said with the same pain in his voice. He truly wanted to help the innocent child.

"milkshake off! You piece of shit! I don't poor need your help!" she spat at him, her face reddening with hte sudden intake of inner anger. Her eyes began to blaze with anger, she wanted him alright; though not of that nature, she wanted to tear at him, kill him and feast on his flesh. The Captain understood this all too well. He sighed.

"I never needed your permission but it was an act of charity, I'm sorry for the following..." he said as he stepped forward, drawing an injection from his inner pocket. It was a metallic injection, containing some form of DNA that was designed to suppress the hollow. The theory was that over time it'd completely shun the creature from the conscious and eventually lead to the demise of the creature.

He stepped forward, tossing the injection with dignified accuracy; it struck true: her heart. Penetrating into the very essence of the soul, the material within the injection automatically seeped inwards, entering her system. The Captain sighed, as he heard the girl give a little "oh" before her body slumped to the ground. It was going according to plan, the material was attacking her system.

Just as he began to walk, the air thickened, transmutating into almost an oceanic substance, culling the will to breathe and the ideoly of air actually, remaining within the room, to be non existant. He tuned to the girl, only to find her body submerged in flames, consuming her body yet transforming it at the same time. Excited at the prospect, he quickly made mental notes at the sudden change in reatsu and her body features.

The process took exactly 5 minutes, though when it was done, the girl, known as "Emily", was nowhere to be seen. Instead, a creature that resemebled the "vastro lorde" perched in her place; it was tall, a good 9 foot, a fully depensed mask encrypted it's face, while jet black hair swam from her head to the back of her waist. It bellowed as it tried to move, just realising the shackles slumped on it's wirsts and ankles. Roaring once more, the creature made on fluid motion, snapping the chains of instantly. While it's red eyes made contact with the Captain: a victim of the creature's uncontrollable rage.

"Interesting. You broke my specially designed chains without so much effort. A task impossible for even the elite "Espada". I must say I'm impressed.-" he said as the cigarette found it's way back into his mouth, the creature disappeared with "boom" like sound before appearing in front of the captain, it's fist raised high for an attack, though it hesitated as the Captain made a soft smile, something completely out of context within the situaton. -"you have to excuse me if I pull out this 'card' shall we say?" he said with a simple smile. At the though of his head, the light blasted on, the reatsu vaccumed out and disappearing within an isntant, the Vastro lorde lurched and bellowed before the bdoy and mask de materialised as little grains of sands, whisping away into the air ducts.

"Forgive me. But did you truly think I'd not create a device that completely negates Hollow reatsu?" he said softly to the girl before him.
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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Usui Takami   Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:50 pm

Accepted. Very good challenge response btw.
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PostSubject: Re: Usui Takami   

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Usui Takami
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