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 Special Humans

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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Special Humans   Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:37 am

This stat system is in effect for two reasons. One being to make the RP experiance more enjoyable by eliminating people being able to just dodge every single one of your attacks with out good reason to be able to. Like for instance, if your speed is only ten higher than your opponent's then you wont be able to dodge EVERY attack, just some. And also, if your speed is EPICLY higher than your opponents than yes, you WOULD be able to dodge every single attack. The second reason is to stop those arguements of, "Who-is-stronger-than-who". With the stat system you will KNOW who is stronger, faster, and more durable. This also stops people from making a fourth seat and being able to kill off a, idk, say a Captain Commander. And without further adoo, here is the stat system-

Basic Stats:

Strength- This determines how strong your character is.

Defense- This determines how well your character is at blocking attacks.

Speed- This determines how fast your character is.

Reiatsu- This determines how much reiatsu your character has.

Stamina- This determines how long your character can fight for. To determine this stat, you take your base points and divide them by 2.

Secondary Stats:

Special Power Mastery- This determines how well your character fights with his or her Special Power

Second Form Mastery- This determines how well you fight in your Second form, as well as how long you can stay in it for. For every 10 points, you can stay in your Second Form for 2 posts. When you reach 100 points, you are able to stay in it as long as you want, until you are defeated.

Spiritually Aware- This determines how good your character is at detecting Spirits. 30 is for hollow, 50 is for Shinigami, and 70 is for Arrancar. When a Human reaches 100, then they can completely measure the Reiatsu levels of all races equally. If under 100, then they can easily misjudge their opponent's strength.

Basuto Mastery- This determines how well your character can use their Basuto. It is a new technique founded by the humans. It is the equivalent to a Sonido/Shunpo.

Each skill can only have 100 points in it.
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Special Humans
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