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PostSubject: setaya   Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:02 am

Name: Setaya Cotana

Actual Age: 1174

Appeared Age: 19

Gender: female

Looks: She is 6ft tall with long white hair that turns black when she has her mask on. She has sopft tan skin and never wears make up. She has bright gold colored eyes. Her face has a verry soft expretion to it even when she is scared. She is usualy wearing some sort of dress. She is finely tuned as of muscals and body shape. She has kind of small hands with long unpainted nails. at times she has a black fox tail as she gets scared or upset. She has a fox form in it she has medium black fur. She also has her hollows mask on in her fox form. She has claws and blue hollow eyes.

Personality: she is a nice caring person, she avoids all fights or tryes too. She is verry timid and has a hard time trusting people at first. She has a verry calm and verry shy personality.

Sexuality: Straight

Abilities Information

Rank: intermediate

Mask Information

Name: Delila

Manifestation: A black fox hollow with bone spikes and blue eyes.

Unique Ability: She can become a small black fox with her mask on humens just see a black fox but only those with high spiret energy can see her mask.

Hollow Mask Appearance: like that of a fox skull with out the lower jaw. It has fearsom looking sharp teeth on the mouth part of the muzzal. It is an odd greenish blue color with black markings.

Duration: when in fox form she can keep it on for ten posts but in her normal form five.
Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Santarey

Zanpakuto Looks: a long sword with the body of a claymor sword with a fox head carved into each side of the handal. the handal is gold colord

Released Zanpakuto Description: It can turn many things to ebony but she canot use it on people just objects and it takes a bit of energy to turn biger things. it can defend her as well but not the best for attacks.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: defend your sellf Santarey

Released Zanpakuto Looks: like a big ebony claymore that shines like the moon with foxes carved into its handal.
History and RP sample

Banki: In her banki state she can sumon ebony foxes and turn living things into ebony as well, but yet again it can be hard on her when she does this too often. her banki's one weakness is fire, for fire can melt the shining ebony she uses. her apearence changes slightly her hair turns black as it does with her mask on, she whears a belly shirt made out of fur and a long fur skirt.

History: She once lived in a tribe in the desert, they worshiped there god a black fox named Akani. Foxes were reveared there. She was raised by the elder after her mother surcame to sickness. Setaya was always quiet even before her mother's death. When Setaya was ten a grop of men came to her camp and kidnaped her people and made them into slaves. She was too young to work so they exparamented on her, and some how turned her into a black fox. She escaped that night and freed her people. They thought she was a messinger of their god, so they worshiped her but after 5 years she turned back into the girl she once was, they treated her like roalty. She eventualy learned to controll her transformations and lived hapily. She died in a war when she was 19. She then went to seek out her god but found soul reapers insted. she ran from them and found she could still turn fox, but when she did she wore a hollow mask.
She trained out in the desert for many years, she listened and took her zanpakto's advice and did every thing it toled her to. For hundreds of years she trained and trained with her zanpakto. Eventualy Santarey toled her to asy an odd phrase, setaya wasn't sure why she had toled her to say it, but she did then she said her zanpakto's name and she went into banki. She trained many more years to perfect it and after her zanpakto toled her to leve the desert she traveled to a small town. She eventualy found a grop of people that looked almost like soul reapers, but they had masks like her she she learned every thing from them and joined them.

RP Sample: "that wasn't just a muzzle it was my bindment to the soul society, and I think I also have fallen in love to you. I have killed over five shinigami, they only found out about one of my killings. I have lived in a cage ever since I killed that soul reaper... I was able to persuade one of the guards to let me out and then I met you..." she looked at im her eyes shining bright blue green. as he cared her she put her arms around his neck, and closed her eyes smile of pure happiness on her face. she slowly opend her eyes "where are we going my love?" she said looking up at his face. her long hair blowing in the wind her tail wrapped around her body and her ears layed flat against her head.

(Going for vizard rank.)
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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: setaya   Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:59 am

RP challenge: You are called to go to a meeting with the Vizard leader along with two other fellow regular Vizards. It is a test spar against them to see who will become the newest Vizard Lord, but none of you know it. How do you win? It is a free-for-all battle, meaning they do not only have to attack you.
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PostSubject: Re: setaya   Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:09 am

I would go into shiki and atack the weaker looking one first being sure to keep an eye out for the other one so I could block and atack. If the other one went at me I would jump into the air making him hit the one I attacked. I would then rty to land behind one of them slashing at their thoat, then avoiding any hits from the other one, or let them fight each other then attack the victor of that mach. I would fight untill I have wone.
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Jor'lo dosene

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Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: setaya   Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:15 am

Approved as a regular vizard.
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PostSubject: Re: setaya   

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