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 Zane Hataro

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Zane Hataro

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PostSubject: Zane Hataro   Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:55 am

Personal Information:

Name: Zane Hataro

Age: 2193

Visible Age: 21

Appearance: Normal- Zane is normally wearing a grey short-sleeve shirt, black pants that reach down to his ankles, a black leather jacket over the shirt, black shoes, and a grey sealing material over his right-arm. The seal reachs from his fingers all the way up to shoulder. Zane has a six pack of abs under his shirt and is fairly musculer under his clothing. Zane's entire right-arm has been permanently scarred with third degree burns making the skin look dark-red and have several markings from burns. His zanpakto has a white hilt and has a black sheath. The blade it self looksd like any other zanpakto

Hollow Mask- Zane's hollow mask causes his normal eyes to turn a dark-yellow color and a dark-black if in bankai. His reiatsu also gains a demonic
Full Hollow State- This causes the material that makes up his Hollow mask to encase his entire body as a type of Heirro. His eyes turn blood-red in this form and his hair grows somewhat long around the back of his head.

Lazy- Zane is somewhat a lazy person who hates doing much work unless it involves combat or he has something to gain from it. He also tends to sleep alot in his psare time. The only work he really ever does is train.
intellectual- Zane isn't the smartest of thsoe from teh Soul Society, but he is smarter then teh average shinigami and knows about most things reharding the Soul Society, World of the living, and Heuco Mundo.
Inconsiderate-Zane is a somewhat inconsiderate person who doesn't really care about people aside himself or his brother. He curses without any regard for what thsoe around him think and doesn't really give a dman about other people's problems much unless it is involved with something he is interested in.
Code of Honor- Zane has a code of honor that he follows most of the time in his life. He doesn't like to fight an unarmed opponent unless their speciality is fighting unarmed and doesn't resort to manyc heap tricks in combat unless needed.
Inner Hollow- Zane's inner hollow is a sadistic and nihilistic person who doesn't care how damaged he is. He just keeps fighting to kill his opponent by any means nessisary no matter what. He beleives teh weak desearve to die and must be exterminated from existence. He also doesn't like Zane much as he thinks even he is to weak to own his power. Zane's inner hollow also distributes this personality to Zane when the mask is activated, although Zane can still take back ovfer whenever needed.
Likes: Fighting, training, his relatives, and killing to some extent.

Dislikes: The Soul Society, hollows, most arrancars, most shinigami.

Motivation/Intentions: To destroy the Soul Society

Rank: Ex 11th Captain

Zanpakuto Description:

Appearance: A basic zanpakto with a gold hilt, silver steel and has a 4 foot long blade.

Spirit Appearance:

Spirit Personality: Zane's zanpakto spirit tends to be lazy like himself, but doesn't have any code of honor and doesn't care what state an opponent is in. Because of this Zane has to use shikai for five posts before his spirit fully awakens and he can use bankai.

Release Command: Awaken from hell, Raienzo.

Released Appearance: Two pure black blades made from mixs of miscellanious strong substences from diamond to even traces of seki seki, but the swird still looks entirely metal. The blade reachs five feet long.

Description: The activation of Zane's shikai raises his speed and strength highly and enables him a advanced spiritual pressure detection that can sense even the thinest energy exactly. He could have no sight or hearing and still be able to sense the exact movements of anything around him for a 360 degree detection. The one blind point of the ability is a thin object niving directly between his eyes.

Type: Melee

Bankai Information:
NOTE: Bankai can only be used by Captains and advanced Lieutenants. Vizards can also have Bankai, though their Bankai is weaker than a Captain's. However, the mask enhances their Bankai, making them more equal.

Bankai Appearance: This turns Zane's two blades into a grey liquid that surrounds his entire body like an armor. The helmet has two horns and the only opening is at the eyes

Description: The armor acts as a type of Heirro giving Zane incredible durability. His strength and speed are also highly raised. While in bankai he is also immune to reiatsu theft abilities and any type of deadly gases or liquids due to the armor covering his mouth and nose as well. Zane can also create any weapon out of any material into his hands. The most lethal part of his bankai, is that he can shoot spikes out of any part of the armor just through a mental note. He can make up to ten spikes at a time and they can reached up to ten feet. The spikes can also be moved to curve. The last ability of the armor is that after it has been damaged or destroyed, it will repair it self.

Mask Information:

Inner Hollow Manifestation:

Inner Hollow Personality: Zane's inner hollow is a sadistic and nihilistic person who doesn't care how damaged he is. He just keeps fighting to kill his opponent by any means nessisary no matter what. He beleives teh weak desearve to die and must be exterminated from existence. He also doesn't like Zane much as he thinks even he is to weak to own his power. Zane's inner hollow also distributes this personality to Zane when the mask is activated, although Zane can still take back ovfer whenever needed.

Special Abilities: Zane's hollow mask enables him to use all arrancar abilities from cero to garganta. He also gains a rather large boost in speed, strength, and durability. He also can allow his inner hollow to control his body while the mask is on even though he is aware of what is going on and can take back control at any time. Because of this, he can fight without feeling any pain while his hollow is in control The last power of the mask is a unique cero called Cero Omega. It is a grey color and matchs the power or gran rey cero.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration: Ten posts

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History: Zane was born in the capital of Japan, Tokyo, formerly known as Edo during that time period. He was son to one of the emperor Oda's maidens and one of his frontline generals. He had lived with his mother through most of childhood up till age eight. At that time he began his training with his brother to join the Oda army in a later time period. He mainly trained in the arts of Kendo and sukan with the sword and spear. Over a five-year span, his training continue until the time came that he was recruited into the army as a corperal with his brother under the same battalion lead by his father. Zane praticipated in several battles until age 17 where things started to change. It was the battle of mitogawa and his father had been shot down by an ambush unit. He himself stayed to buy his brother,best friend from the army,and allys time to escape from the assault. He was kiled in the process obviously due to being highly out-numbered. ALthough, he did kill over thirty men before he fell and gave the others time to escape.
Zane awoke later attache3d to the site where he was killed. Everyone was gone now, and he was in some strange form. The form of a dead soul. He was lockied there with some type of chain and couldn't leave. After three months of solitude, he noticed tehc hain was getting smaller and smaller. Zane really didn't know what to think of it, so he just ignored it for the time being. by the fifth month the chain broke and Zane was turned into a gillian hollow.
As a gillian, Zane spent most of his time devouring the lost souls of dead spldiers and occasional ate a few other hollows. After a year in the war-feild, he moved to the Menos Forest to devour more hollows in his thirst for power. During his time as a gillian in the battle feild, he found out devouring hollows gave more power then mear souls. Eventually, Zane and a group of other hollows got in a klarge brawl and fused together into a Menos Grande.
Zane's willpower far surpassed that of the other hollows conjoined in the Menos, thus his personality toke over the thing. He then continued to feed and even more hollows and even some Menos for years until he entered the nexts tage of evolution.
Zane became an adjuhace and surpassed the strength of every other hollow in the forest making him the leader of the forest for the time being. He ordered sacrifices brought to him each day, or else he would go on blind rampage sin the forest, killing and devouring every hollow in sight.
After eating his ten thousandth hollow, Zane evoulved yet again into the most powerful of hollows. A vasto Lordes. As a vasto, Zane started to resurface to the living realm more often to devour more human souls. Hollow souls did indeed give more power to him, but the humans tasted far better. He fought many shinigami as well in the world and killed over twenty before he was confronted by one of the Captains. Zane thought it was just another shinigami and proceeded to attack. He was winning gaainst the soul reaper until they user bankai. The shinigami's zanpakto speciality was fire and burned Zane's entire body up to the third degree until teh shinigami finally ended it and decapitated him with their zanpakto. However, the hollow, as a last resort to live used it's special ability to seal itself inside the soul that was being transfered to the soul society because of the purification process
. It remained dorment for the time being.

Zane had lost all his memories of being a hollow once he arrived in the soul society and was rather confused about what had happened. He wondered aimlessly through rukongo, trying to find answers to the many questions he had. He found out quiet a few things, but none that he really cared for. After two months, Zane found his best-friend from the world of the living as a shinigami. From that point on his friend trained Zane into becoming a shinigami. It was a very long process, but by the ending result it was worth it. Zane never did learn anything about kido or care for it, but he learned alot about his zanpakto and shunpo skill. He had developed quickly in the art of shunpo, quickly surpassing his friend, and learned his shikai very quickly as well.

Zane was then assigned as third seat of squad 6 and served loyaly for over two-hundred years, always training to try and gain further power. On a friday afternoon, his friend had came at the door again, it had bene awhile since they spoke to eachother, so they naturally had a long conversation over what went on in the last two hundred years. By the end of the conversation, Zane's best-friend
, Hanzo had mentioned that he had obtained the power of bankai. Zane had always wanted to obtain bankai, but never knew how to obtain it and never thought of asking the captain for training, so he requested his friend to help him achieve bankai. His friend accepted and began the training quickly. There were many life-threatening test involved in trying to obtain his bankai, but after three-hundred years, he had finally unlocked it. The two then parted ways yet again.

It wasn't long before people found out of his abilities in bankai and he was promoted to captain of squad 11 for the time being. Although, after five years of being captain, he started having odd dreams. He dreamed he was a hollow killing shinigami and other hollows. it was indeed odd and he didn't know why he was seeing these things. Ten years later yet another unusual happening occured, he had the dream of being burned alive as a Vasto Lordes and actually felt the burns on his right-arm. The next morning when he awoke, his entire arm was scarred out of no where with third degree burns. He went to the medic area to try and have the arm healed, but it was ireversable by even the most advanced healing techniques.He later had a seal constructed by the 12th squad of Research and Development for his entire right-arm to seal away some of his high spiritual pressure and cover the scars of his arm.

Twenty years later, he heard a rumor that someone with a similer appearance had just been enstated in the sixth squad as ninteenth seat. He went to confrim this and found out it was his brother from back in the world of the living. He barely remembered anything about him since he was in the soul society so long, but he did manage to remember they were brothers, that was about it though. Zane toke his brother to private areas to train him to try and obtain shikai and bankai as well, but, an unfortunate occurance was that once his brotehr unlocked shikai, it was the same as his own. The same zanpakto, He knew it was against shinigami law for two soul reapers to have the same zanpakto, so he tryed to conceal the soul society from knowing of his brother's shikai. No one found out for awhile, but nothing lasts forever. By the time Zane was 700 his brother was found out and a death-match was ordered by the Soul Society. They were both poisoned iwth a type of drug to make eachother think the other was a hollow so that they would fight without holding back. Once the drug woere off and Zane found out what the milkshake had happened, he was extremely angered and and left the Soul Society the next night and vowed to destroy it for that incident alone.

After fifty years of hiding, he started having dreams again, and his inner-hollow or previous self had began to awaken from it's long sleep. He moved to a deserted area and had a long internal war with his hollow as he entered full-hollowfication and destroyed the entire area leaving destruction through the entire area. The few shinigami that came during the time were also killed. By the time he finally toke over his hollow alone, a captan was soon to come from the disturbance in spiritual energy. With his remaining strength, Zane moved away to Karakura town to continue his hiding and search for away to destroy the Soul Society.

RP Sample: http://midnight-crossings.forumotion.net/downtown-f3/surfacing-t487.htm <---- I'm Dellapero in that.

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank (Lieutenant and upwards, Espada and Vizard Lords), you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a challenge. This is just an example; "You have been surrounded by the enemy. The only ally with you on this mission has been knocked out, but you still got energy to fight. The leader of the enemy-group jumps towards your uncouncious ally. Please write your response to this." If the applicator approves, hurray you are approved! If not, try to improve it a little bit, perhaps then you will be approved.)

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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:04 am

At this time there are no Full-Hollow Viazards. Edit it and, if you wish, choose a different power. then you will get your RP challenge.
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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:20 am

one thing: you may have all the arrancar abilities, but garganta may not be used in a RP unbles it is used to leave it. RP challenge: You must fight your Inner Hollow again like you are trying to gain control of it. Except you only have shikai. What do you do to fight? (You do not need to live, but it must be longer than it normally would if you die at the end.)
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Zane Hataro

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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:36 am

Red = hollow, Blue = Zane

Zane stood at the bottom of the long spiral road surrounding the glass building in the center of his inner-world. His inner-hollow was right infront of him with a blood-thirsty look in it's eyes. "Well,well,well...You're trying this shit again....Oh well, U jucjed your ass once, I can do it again. Shut the hel up you weak trash As the hollow said that, he ran at Zane full-speed with zanpakto in it's right-hand. Zane knew his inner hollow from their last encounter. He had memorized it's fighting style and knew that it's attacks were reckless. This at times were an advantage, yet at the same time a weakness. Zane quickly pulled his zanpakto from it;s hilt and swung it up to meet with the hollow's blade causing sparks to fly from the clash of steel. They both then jumped back three feet apart from each-other.

"I'm going to end this quickly....Awaken from hell, Raienzo. As Zane said that he grabed his zanpakto's hilt with both hands and pulled the blade apart into two black swords. The hollow didn't even speak, but did the same gaining two zanpakto as well. This was just like last time. The hollows moves were easy to predict. The hollow charged forward again and swung both swords at Zane from left and right. Zane jumped up to barelt evade the swords and smashed his foot against the hollows chest sending him back slightly putting two feet of distence between them again. Zane then used shunpo to appear directly above the hollow and swung both blades downward. The hollow quickly swung it's zanpakto upward to block with causing the sound of clashing steel to fill the air. Zane shunpoed back to the ground and waited his stance.

The hollow crossed the two zanpakto and spoke. "Time to die weak ya weak ass bitch. the blades then turned grey and formed into a liquid that started to cover the hollows entire body except for a small slot infront of the eyes. The liquid solidified into an armor that gave the hollow a whole new appearance. It didn't look any different from Zane when he used bankai except the hollow had the sense of bloodthirst in it's eyes. Zane crossed his zanpakto and attempted to activate his bankai as well, but nothing happened. "What the hell........ The hollow sonidoed instantly behind him at much faster speed then before and sent an upper-cutt at the back of Zane's head smashing him up into the air and through two rows of glass road sending glass hsards everywhere and spiking them through Zame's face, shoulders, and arms. Blood flowed from his body quickly from the high amounts of cutts.

Zane slowly got back to his feet as the hollow jumped up through the holes made and onto the same level as Zane was on. "Dammit....Why the hell won't my bankai work....Oh well....Guess I;ll just have to use what I did last time. Zane focused his reiroka and the grey sealing material around his right-arm burst into spirit particles revealing that his entire arm had permanent scars from third-degree burns. Just then a giant burst of red-reiatsu shot out from his body cracking the glass building near them.

The hollow raced at him again with extreme speed and sent several barrages if punchs at Zane with extreme speed and force. Zane moved his zanpakto to try and block as many of the punchs as he could, but was still slowly pushed back and up higher the spiral road around the sky-scraper. Once the two reached the top, Zane saw this as the one chance to end it. He focused all his energy around him making the red reiatsu even stronger and used shunpo to get behind the hollow.

Useing all his strength, Zane sent a full-force kick at the hollow's backto send it over the edge of the road and onto the top of the building. After that he shunpoed again above the hollow and grabed it by the neck while continueing to his strength to push it down. The two smashed through over foruty floors of glass cutting Zane up even further, but only slightly hurting the hollow because of it's armor.The hollow unleashed its reiatsu pushing Zane off and spun around andshot out ten spikes from it's body at Zane.

Zane saw the spikes come at him and saw this as the opening he had waited for. He dived down between two spikes and swung his right zanpakto directly down between the hollow's eyes. The spikes cutt along his arms, and torso as he did so causing further bleeding, but the blade hit it's mark and peirced straight through the blind-spot of his bankai and cutt straight into the hollow's brain, beating it for a second time. Although, if this damage was done to his phisical body, Zane would have probibly been dead with-in a few minutes.

Meh, I got lazy.
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Jor'lo dosene

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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:21 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   

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Zane Hataro
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