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PostSubject: Uvaras   Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:35 am

Personal Information:

Name: Uvaras

Age: 110

Visible Age: 15


[He wears a short shirt and both sides have different colors. He wears a dark long pants and grey, dark shoes. He also has a shoulder armor on his right shoulder. On his shirt, there's a heart shape that's connected to the shirt, located on his chest. He wears a rubber bracelet colored in black and white. He looks fairly muscular and his hair is a little messy and spiked up, colored in brown. He have blue eyes ]

Personality: He is usually lazy but he does things that his interested. He's either sleeping or relaxing and hates being annoyed. He usually helps people who are in need but he only does it if he feels it is the right thing to do or he feels like it. He is usually calm during fights or in danger. If he saw a strong opponent who could be his rival then he would most likely kill the opponent or defeat him but mostly he chooses to defeat them as he mostly shows mercy. There was one more goal he wanted to achieve, the goal to know what's a heart and to become stronger.

Likes: Relaxing / Sleeping

Dislikes: Working

Motivation/Intentions: What's a heart

Rank: 4th Espada

Aspect Of Death: Nihilism
Zanpakuto Description:

Name: Olvido [Oblivion]

Appearance: Zanpakuto takes the form of a standard sized katana with a black handle and sheath. The guard has two curved extensions from its long sides, with a line going through both sides.

Release Command: "Ensure"

Resurrecion Information:


Name:Immense Spiritual Power
Description:His spiritual power is immensely high.As one of the top four Espada, he is forbidden to release his Zanpakuto within Las Noches. That is because they are too powerful and such a release would cause great damage to the fortress

Name: Enhance Speed
Type: Supplementary [Passive]
Range: N/A
Description: Increases his speed which allows him to travel faster in sonido and movements

Name:Enhanced Hierro
Description:His Hierro can deflect Shinigamis in shikai form unless they have the power to increase their shikai sword's power.

Name:Enhanced Strength
Description:His strength shows him to be able to discipline Espada 9 and 10.

Appearance: Uvaras gains a long cloak that covers his entire body and there's a hood that allows nobody to be able to see his face and gains dark wings also a ring on his right hand finger ring.


Name: High Speed Regenration
Type: Supplementary [Passive]
Range: N/A
Description: Able to heal his any injuries and even if his limb is taken out, it can grow back quickly.

Name: Shinjin
Requirement: None
Type: Traps
Description: Placing dark powers under the ground by putting his hands onto the ground's surface, reiatsu willgo under the ground and makes a circular dark power and if anyone reached its territory which is where the power is placed, it will explode.

Name: Sword's Grave
Requirement: Scythe
Type: Offensive
Description: The Scythe blades hit the ground and many swords will keep appearing out from two side for a "/" [Erm...it was suppose to go through each other] it will stop once it reaches the opponent

Name: Dark Tunnel
Requirement: N/A
Type: Offensive
Description: Lifts up his hand and a circular dark tunnel (Like tornado with enemy things at the middle) will come out like tornado which will keep sucking him in and many dark spheres attacks him once he reached inside.[Doesn't explode or anything just hurts them, might die well depends. If they escape it will stop, only for one turn.]

Name: Scythes
Type: Weapon
Range: N/A
Description: Allows Uvaras to summon Scythes onto his hands. The scythes are in read and had two sharp blades but with a space at the middle. The Scythe is quite long and touching the blades of the Scythes without effort would bleed the hand.

Name: Crescent Slash
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Long
Description: When Uvaras throws two two Scythes, it will kept on twirling and turns into two Crescent slashes which looks like a "X". If it goes much further than medium range then once it hits the enemy, it will explode. It can be known by looking at the crescent slash and power within the slashes are be shown surrounding it. If enemy is too near, he only throws normal Scythes.

Name: Akutenshi
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Long
Description: Concentrate dark powers to my hand then shoot it like a beam. "Not like Cero well similar but different damage and looks". There would also be dark power surrounding the beam if anyone touches it, they'll get hurt. Once the dark beam is used, Akutenshi would be used up and needed to wait for another 2 turns. This technique is not to be used unless it is necessary because it would use a lot of reiatsu and it fires in a fast pace causing an intense damage.

Techs: Name: 13 Blades
Requirement: None
Type: Offensive / Defensive
Description: Creating 13 powerful sword shaped shield and it can be sent to kill an opponent or defend Uvaras. This uses a lot of reiatsu as this is his strongest ability and the speed when it attacks are swift and controlled by Uvaras's mind. Each swords shield are channeled by darkness flowing in it and outside of it. Each shield can hold out for 5 Powerful attacks.

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History: Life: He was once a kid who usually relaxes and helps people and he could see spirits. Though things progressed in his life, he usually gets beaten up when he's trying to save someone and ignored the spirits. His parents cared about him which helps Uvaras to avoid troubles that he had made. Years passed and he was finally 15. He was transferred to an another school but during the journey, something strange happened. He saw a monster and he tried to ignore it. Though he ignored it, the monster grabbed hold of him and killed him. He turns into a soul and he was shocked. The monster came after him and he tried to escape from it. The monster just swing his arm and was able to grab him. He was crying and tried to break free. He tried but in the end, he was devoured by the monster.

Death: When Uvaras woke up, he couldn't remember anything and he saw himself as a wolf. He found himself in a rather strange place and himself as well. He explored the place and fought some strange opponents. He learned a few things during his years as a wolf. He learned about the monsters were known as hollows. Things progressed and he found a strange looking item. He bit it and brought somewhere safe. After taking it, more hollows were chasing after him and he felt a strange power coming from the item. He touched the item and nothing happened. He continued to try and even bite it then a light shone. He could feel the pain and the light becomes bigger. He fell down to the ground and felt like he was dying. His eyes were weak and he was losing his vision but he continued to resist. He couldn't hold on and lost consciousness.

Arrancar: When he opened his eyes, he was back into a human body. Though the human body was strange because of his hard skin. He lived with it and continued to train and discovered the secrets behind his sword. Years passed and he found an another form instead of one release and discovered new abilities. He discovered cero and garganta to an another dimension and sonido which allows him to move faster. He trained sonido and his cero with the combination of his hand to hand combat which took him years to be able to master his hand to hand and sonido. As for his cero, he found it quite useful in a battle. He then found a large building and wondered what's inside the building. He gathered information out of hollows and in the end, he was only able to gather a little information. He known that there were people who were as same as him but they were much well trained. He has interested about their power and wanting to join them. He wanted to know more about the other dimension and researching the true powers of his own race and wanting to know what's a heart.

He was thinking he isn't capable yet to get in there so he went to train. Lots of years passed and there were many things he had discovered. He discovered more about his powers and knowing he could do more than before. He named his abilities as he trained and accidentally cast a power that he never knew. He found out his power element which is darkness and began to create powers that could make him stronger. He gained powers slowly and experimenting powers that he created. Most of them were failures but there were still a lot of them was a success. The last ability his creating was the "13 blades" which allows him to create sword shaped shield. It took him fifty years to complete the ability and his powers became stronger than before. He wondered if he could join them now but he was still afraid. One year later, he had trained using those abilities and he was finally prepared. He approached the large building and felt a death sensation. He didn't step away instead he moved forward. In order to discover what's a heart and went he went into Las Noches, he became the 4th Espada.

He was able to do some research in Las Noches and now he had an addition to his goal. He wanted to know why Shinigamis and Humans do what they were doing. Since he figured out that some humans had powers. He then began to train within Forest of Menos and doing some works for Aizen. He was set to some certain rules because of his reiatsu.

RP Sample:Uvaras arrived in the Fake Karakura town and all of the arrancars separated themselves. While Uvaras was taking a stroll around Karakura and felt someone watching him. He looked to his right side and saw a Captain Hitsugaya. On his left side, he saw two lieutenant by looking at their badge.

Hitsugaya made the first move and chard towards Uvaras. Uvaras turned around his body able to dodge Hitsugaya's sword then he went back to his original position and grabbed the captain's sword. The captain was struggling and both lieutenant released their shikai and tried to stop Uvaras. Uvaras used his skin to block Renji's sword and he tried to be careful against Kira. According to what he heard from the other arrancars, Kira's sword could makes the weight heavier. Uvaras released the captain's sword and focused on dodging Kira instead. He sonido passed Kira and tried to stab Kira with his right hand. Unfortunately, Hitsugaya released his shikai and used his chain-blade to tangled Uvaras's right hand. Uvaras pulled his right arm making Hitsugaya flying straight at him. As Hitsugaya got closer, Uvaras pulled back his elbow and hits the captain's head. Renji released his bankai and the snake came out right in front of Uvaras and Uvaras was at its mouth. Uvaras lifted up his hands and pushed the snake's mouth with his legs together to avoid being killed. Uvaras charged his dark cero and fired upon its mouth. He was able to break free but Kira used his kido (Sokatsui) and blasted Uvaras's back.

Uvaras flew forward and fell to the ground. He was already taken some wounds but he hadn't released his sword yet. He then felt a large amount of reiatsu released behind him. When he turned, he saw the captain in his bankai form. The captain released his ice dragon and able to freeze Uvaras's leg. He had been disabled and only left his leg and hand could move freely. Renji took this chance to strike Uvaras down and Kira was chanting a kido. Uvaras wondered if he should surrender or continued to fight. No matter what he does, he would die anyway since he's an arrancar. He unsheathed his sword showing his true form. A dark cloak forms, covering Uvaras's entire self and dark wings grew on his back, the ice shatters when his spiritual powers increased. He knew that even if he weakens them then other arrancars could be able to defeat them. Uvaras immediately summoned his Scythe and when Renji stikes, he blocked the hit. Kira used the same kido and fired upon Uvaras. Uvaras summoned another Scythe to his another hand and blocked the kido and there was an explosion. The Scythe wasn't broken and Uvaras used it to break Renji's bankai. Hitsugaya came in and fired three ice daggers from above.

Uvaras sonido to the side and the daggers missed. The captain shunpo behind him and was about to stab him. Uvaras sonido to the side while he turned as well and his Scythe and the captain's sword clashes. Renji's snake was doing as Uvaras could feel energy gathering. Uvaras pushed the captain away and turned around and saw the snake gathering power. He knew he must avoid getting hit by it or else he could be defeated. When Uvaras was about to sonido, it was already too late, the snake's spiritual canon had already been loaded up. Uvaras swiftly sonido, approaching Renji while his canon fires and was about to injure Uvaras's left leg. Uvaras fell down to the ground and Kira was coming with his blade. Uvaras's Scythe and Kira's blade clashes and the Scythe became heavier and heavier as Kira continued to hit. Uvaras let go of his Scythe and summoned another.

They were all breathing deeply and we were all running out of stamina except for the captain. The captain then used an ability which summons many ice around Uvaras and was about to trap him. Uvaras countered by throwing two Scythes making two Crescent slashes. The ice was getting closer to him and he was able delay one of the ice. He took this opportunity and sonido out of the ice trap. He was breathing hard and was about to go to exhaustion. He used one last ability that wasn't as dangerous as his final ability that took him a long time to learn. He sonido around the location trying to gather them all in one place. They chased after him and found themselves in a narrow place where you could only go forth or backwards. Uvaras was gathering his energy to cast "Akutenshi" when they were chasing after him. When they appeared, Uvaras fires a huge energy blast and they couldn't run away from it. Kira used a kido that forms a circle to block the energy blast. While for Renji, his snake was blocking it and the captain was blocking it with his sword as well. Though, it seems the captain was plotting something. Uvaras energy was depleting from the energy blast he fired.

Soon later, the energy blast was able to hit all three of them but Uvaras didn't notice the captain was above him. The captain lifted up his sword and an ice dragon appeared. Uvaras lifted up his head as he felt something. He saw the captain falling down towards him and he saw an ice dragon twirling around the captain. Uvaras had no where else to go and faced the captain's power. He summoned two Scythes and swing his Scythe at the same time when the ice erupted. The Scythes stabbed both sides at his arm and they were trapped inside the ice. Uvaras knew that this was nearly over, even though if he surrenders, they would still kill him anyway. Uvaras felt arrancars coming and he already did what he could and Hitsugaya shattered the ice alongside with Uvaras.

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank (Lieutenant and upwards, Espada and Vizard Lords), you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a challenge. This is just an example; "You have been surrounded by the enemy. The only ally with you on this mission has been knocked out, but you still got energy to fight. The leader of the enemy-group jumps towards your uncouncious ally. Please write your response to this." If the applicator approves, hurray you are approved! If not, try to improve it a little bit, perhaps then you will be approved.)
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Sairu Hanori


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PostSubject: Re: Uvaras   Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:38 pm

Hi. I'm assuming your done, so i'm gonna give you your RP Challange ^^

You have just been exiled from Los Noches. You were accused by another Espada who desired your spot of aiding the enemy, then you were thrown out of Los Noches. You are wandering the White Desert when a mysterious man appears before you. He promises you redemption and revenge on the deceptive Espada who accused you. Though the man says it will cost you the lives of those you deeply trust and that it may even cost you your own. What will you do? Accept the man's offer and have the lives of trusted allies be taken....and maybe even your own life too? Or will you refuse him and find another way to return to Los Noches?
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PostSubject: Re: Uvaras   Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:32 pm

While Uvaras was walking on the White Sand with his hands in his pockets, he felt something and saw a human appearance. When he came towards Uvaras, he couldn't see the mysterious man's face. The mysterious man told Uvaras that he could help him to redeem himself to Las Noches and also kill the Espada who deceived him or defeat him if he wishes to. Uvaras declined the offer and he had his own ways to get back in Las Noches. He pushed the Mysterious man aside and continued wandering around in the White Sand. As Uvaras wandered around, he found Las Noches and approached it.

When he went into the building, he saw the Espada who deceived him. He knew Uvaras would come back and take his revenge. Uvaras lifted up his right hand from his pocket and fired his cero, apparently the Espada dodged it and sonido right beside him. Uvaras used his elbow and swing to his side directly to the Espada's stomach. The Espada fired his cero but his cero was from his chest. Uvaras never seen the Espadas nor Arrancars had this kind of cero before. When the Espada fires, Uvaras took out his left hand, and blocked it together with his right hands with and he was being pushed back by it. He didn't stop just with the cero, when the cero disappears, he fires Bala towards him. Uvaras quickly reacted and sonido the Espada's back and was about to stab through his chest, making a gauge.The Espada back flipped and he was about to unsheathe his sword. Uvaras quickly stopped him and fired the Bala towards him. He was blew off and Uvaras continued to attack him. He had no other choice left and unsheathed his sword. A massive spiritual power was unleashed and Uvaras was just standing, touched his sword's grip.
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Sairu Hanori


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PostSubject: Re: Uvaras   Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:33 pm

Congrats. Your approved ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Uvaras   

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