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 Zilo Telavu

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PostSubject: Zilo Telavu   Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:14 am

Personal Information:

Name: Zilo Telavu

Age: 571

Visible Age: 17


Zilo is taller then the average human shinigami and espada. He wears a white suit all the time. Everything on him is white. His skin is a tanish color. His eyes are a pure blue color and he has some white gloves on. Sometimes he is mistaken for a buttler if you seem him outside of his normal place. Under the suit on his right Hand is engraved (Whatever number i get) And is always hidden. Most do not know this but he can not see very well hence why he sometimes where his glasses.

Ressurectoin: This is a slightly different appearance. In this form he has a half white half black suit. His whole left side is black besides for his skin and eyes. His whole right side is the opposite. Even though his name is white demon he also has the nickname Ying yang for his appearance in ressurection. His white gloves remain white beside one of them tunrning black so is his shoes. Though most do not notice it he has a different style of fighting he actually plans out things before he attacks.His hair is still the same but half white and half black.

Personality: Zilo is a kind young man. He thinks that everyone deserves a second chance in life. He doesn't mind fighting as much as he use too. Though he prefers to read books and stay away from most fights. But when someone he care for needs help he doesn't hesitate. He fights for the good of everything. When he is fighting he seems to almost be in human or a demon himself. Because he doesn't care if he gets sliced or not. He is always the demon on the battle field.

Zilo loves to read his books. Most of the time the other espadas do not see him wihtout a book or something to read he generally keeps one in his back pocket jsut in case there is nothing to do. He is afraid of girls mostly because he was betrayed by one when he was a human. And not only that but they never liked him in the first place and he didn't like them because when he was little he was always picked on by them till one day he meet a girl he thought was different then the rest of them till she betrayed him and got him killed.

Likes: He loves to read horror and opera like books. Some poems that deals with pain...

Dislikes: Poems about love, Same with books, And hates operas based on love.

Motivation/Intentions: Help the shinigami, But for now with the espada.

Rank: which ever you give me.

Aspect of Death: Despair.

Innate Techniques:

Techniques: All my Techniques

Name: All of them in description

Description: Cero-A small energy concentrated blast that almost all hollows can use. Most common cero color is red. Zilo cero color is a white color when he uses it. He charges the cero in the pont of his finger it is as strong as a gran rey cero. But unfortuanately with this he can only use a normal cero. Because of its power he is restricted from learning Gran rey cero.Again thanks to its power Zilo cero consumes more energy then a normal one. Thous lowering the amount of times he can use it.

Bala-Bala is a high concentrated enrgy that forms in a circle. this is not as strong as cero but the speed of it is certainly faster then that of a normal one. Zilo has learned to increase the strength of it but also lowering its speed by a little bit. Causing it not to be as fast as a normal bala but certainly a lot stronger then a normal one.

Cero Oscuras-When using this technique, Zilo concentrates his vast spiritual energy with only his index finger into an condensed white Cero with great might. The result of being used in his released state is a much greater Cero, exceeding even Gran Rey Cero, the ultimate Cero, and has been referred to as "an Espada's fully-powered Cero." When fired, it covers any exposed light into absolute pitch darkness. The Cero Oscuras's range is vast, and is mighty enough to completely shatter Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow mask (something Gran Rey Cero couldn't do) Shown by Ulqiorra , critically injuring him in the process, and strong enough to destroy half of the dome over Las Noches. Since Zilo normal Cero was stronger then the original so is his Cero Oscuras. But he can only use it twice in a fight due to its over powerful damage.

Oraga Hierro- Zilo sacerfices some of his spiritual pressure to ensure that his hierro is even stronger. Though this is a dirty trick but it works. And it also helps when fighting against strong opponents that cut through his hierro pretty easy. When he uses this a light glow is around him that signifies that he has activated it.
Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony") is a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the Hohō (or Flash Steps as they are called in the English Dub) that Shinigami use. While somewhat similar to Hohō, Sonído appears to be more instinctual than Hohō, requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It also makes a different sound; rather than the swishing or sometimes silent Flash Step of the Shinigami, Sonído makes a booming or static sound.

Zilo is a master in hand to hand.
A master in Swordsmen skill. And ambidextrous.
Cero and bala master.
And a expert at playing with peoples head.

Type: Offense and defensives.

Range: Long and close

Zanpakuto Description:

Name: Roziko-pain

Appearance: Appears to be a light blue blade when drawn from its sheath. Its light blue tint makes it seem as if it is a blade of midnight. Giving it the shining blue during midnight.

Release Command: Remember Roziko

Resurrecion Information:

Transformation: Zilo is surrounded by his white aura as it wraps around him.

Appearance: Zilo Ressurreccion form seems to be that of a warrior. He seems to barely change or anything. Only thing different about him is that he weilds two swords. The swords seem to be different colors. One is black and one is white. his outfit seems to change as well. His suit turns half black and half white. His hair turns half black and half white as well. His skin stays the same. His gloves change as well to a black color and one stays a white. Basically to put it his left side dresses in black and his right side dresses in white. His midnight blue sword split in half forming a black and white one to go with his outfit.

Techniques: Remember

Name: Remember

Description: A techniques where you play a game that you try and remember what the first thing the person said to you was. If you do not get it right the person gets a free hit on your.

Name:Resmilla toliato

Type: Zilos strongest attack. He can only use this when he has both blades both the black and white one. A figure of yin and yang. He summons his reiatsu to his blade and uses light and darkness to slice at his enemy. Giving him the state of reaching further then a normal Slice.

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge:

History: Human life: Age 3: When Zilo was age three he had always been picked on by the girls at his school .Ever since they could learn to talk he had never been treated right they always called him a dumby and picked on him. Played pranks on him and much more. though he continued to paly with them he really didn't understand until he got to understand what it meant the more and more they called him that. He had never really thoughten about it after wards he started to spend less and less time with them. He started to hang out alone always sitting in the back not listening to the other kids making fun of him it got on his nerves at times when they would not leave him alone and he got suspended for hitting a kid.They always poked him threw stuff at him then that one day he cracked and punched the kid.

Age 5: Soon his parent had become drug adicts. Always wasting money on buying drugs and not food. Soon they lost their jobs and their way of life and blammed it on him. they always beat himm and always called him names till he finally cracked he couldn't take it anymore. He snuck into their rooms one night and slashed them to death. When the police came and saw him sitting there smiling covered in blood holding the knife. They where all starring at him. They had heard of his past and how his parent where and didn't believe that he would do something like this on purpose. They had decided to take him to a place where he could be safer and more polite and not have to worry about anything ever agian or so they told him. He grew up being watched over by the police and other people. Soon he had became a threat and they knew that this wasn't good if he continued to remember his past.

Age 10: At school he was picked on when he finally went back. he was called a freak and a murder which was true he had been a murder he had murdered his own parents. It was the same routine as always. Go to school get picked on go home sleep go back get picked on by the girls again go home sleep then go back to be picked on by everyone. He finally had enough of it. He went back one day to finally lose it. He started to beat up and boy name Toshirko he had been making fun of him and was one of the best jocks in the school. No one expected that little Zilo could take down such a big guy. The two of them fought for hours before Toshiko was crying and asking him to stop. But Zilo continued to beat on him. Finally a teacher came around the corner to see all the others beat up and Zilo standing there covered in blood. the teacher had heard of his past and called the cops since he was smiling. Zilo was sentenced to be stuck in another penetary with the same charges as last time.

Age 18 and death: Zilo had been fighitng constantly with the girls until he meet one that seemed to be different. they had spent three years together having fun hanging out and talking with one another. Soon he releazied what it felt like to love someone and he understood it completely. He spent every minute fantaising over her. Nothing went about un noticed between the two love birds. Everyone seemed to enjoy being around the new happy Zilo. One day he was betraye dby her. They where sitting in bed talking then someone burst into the door. He stood up in front of her only to be stabbed in the back by a knife his blood went everywhere. he looked up to see the man in front of him smiling and then kissing the girl he had fell in love wiht he was pissed he tried to get up but couldn't he cloudn't move a muscle. Everything was black. He couldn't do anything. Soon his vision faded and everything went cold. Only hearing laughs of the one he loved.

Hollow Life: A hollow a monster bread from hatred and from the betrayal of the ones he loved lied in the wastes of Hueco Mundo. The small creature lied there curled in a ball with fluxuating spiritual pressure that was both demon and tantalizing to other hollows. It was as if he was drawing them in subconsciously like rats to the bate that will sign the ends of their pitiful lives.

As they started to gradually surround his person Zilo began coming to his senses realizing that blood thirsty beasts were now circling his body. He was loosing to his human side every step of the way becoming more and more....hungry for them. He was hungry for souls and willing to do anything necessary to feed that insatiable hunger.

He rose to his feet showing he was clearly larger in stature than them all and let out a blood curdling scream that in all honesty could scare even the strongest arrancar if caught off guard. The largest hollow there was the first to run like a wee bitch and was the first ever victim of Zilo.

He leaped over thirty feet to land on the hollow's back, snap it's neck, and eat it's soul all in the same fluid motion and flipped from his back and fired a cero obliterating the other five sending them to a grave in the eternal hell plane of oblivion. He took in all of their souls and his hunger grew and grew.

For the next five years with no halt in sight he continued to devour and devour the souls of other hollows and to no avail of the transformation chain. After taking down one of the menos grande he was finally given his chance to transform and live a new life. A life of more power and grandeur.

Menos Life: As the dark curtain consumed his mind Zilo blacked out only to come back to a sea of screams and hatred inside of his own head that day after day he had to fight through to gain control of his body and even more than that to be able to attack and absorb other menos.

The one thing that drove Zilo forward, to stop him from drowning in the sea of names and voices was the urge to silence them all and continue on his everlasting path to glory and righteousness or rather his own self righteousness. In all honesty it was his need for self indulgence that drove him to yet devour the menos that came and came to fight off his massive spiritual pressure.

Upon his evolution to adjuchas class his look and feel was completely changed over. Instead of the black veil he was now more or less humanoid in size and stature and looked in all rights totally different. It was as if he was a new entity all together. He was more sleek refined and powerful than ever and thought that he could take the world with no problem. And with years of work he would be powerful, but the cockiness of him in this state would be his downfall.

Adjuchas:He had a mask still after it had been ripped off. He was standing there looking like he was a warrior. He had armor on his shoulder and vital parts that where of mask fragments. He had never experienced so muhc power before. But he was told if he had stopped feeding on the others now he would never be able to go adjuchas again. He continued to eat more and more he got stronger and faster. He got smarter he could live longer then most would think. He knew where everything was and how to get to it easier.

Vasto Lorde: Zilo was becoming stronger he continued to feed upon thousand and thousand of these hollows. He soon got use to the taste they had and was becoming stronger with every passing day. He knew this was a good sign. One day he felt the urge of power going through him he seemed to get stronger and stronger. He was confronted by a man he did not know that offered to break his mask for him he blinked and didn't know what he meant. Till he completely ripped off his mask like he tried to do in adjuchas form. He blinked as he reverted toa normal human looking form. He looked around for his mask fragments they where on his blades hilt. He looked back at him and sighed. He wasn't the half black half white man anymore. He was solid white. This would shock most to see that he has changed like this.

Espada Life:There really isn't much to talk about since he is starting his espada life now. It seems that it wasn't long before he was assigned a number to represent what he was and he had been approved as a espada and he was soon going to start. But only a few days later he would meet a girl that seemed to be a espada. And she had a very strange aura around her that he couldn't explain while he was sitting in a room she walked in on him.

Rape:Zilo sat there in the room he was told to wait in. There was nothing special about the place in las noches. He was sent here after he had became a espada and there was nothing really much he could do besides sit there and wait to see what would happen. Next thing he knows a girl espada walked into the door. She had the aspect of lust. He had found out her name was Gale.

Gale wandered past the door and then looked around happily when she saw Zilo, noting that this place needed a little more life added to it.She radiated her lust Aura all about, wrapping about Zilo as soon as she entered the room. Her aura could not be felt normally, it felt more like hormones where going crazy. Currently she was dressed in a school girl outfit, but the top buttons were busted,revealing part of her large breasts, and a short skirt.*" Well hello sir, are you new here? My name is Gale, I am the master's pet, and you are?"

Zilo laughed a little bit as he saw the girl and notice he felt different around her and looked at her. He rolled up his sleeve to reveal the (Number) on his shoulder. Not sure what it was suppose to mean but it meant something to the leader of the espada. He looked back at her and replied. "Zilo Telavu and a new espada to this lovely estate." He said pausing and looking around.

Gale looks at the mark and giggles as she lifts up her foot to show off a 1 on her foot*"Master put mine right there ^_^."* She gigled as she looked at Zilo's arm and as she got closer, the lust aura increased drastically. She poked his arm, causing spike of lust about him a she looked at his arm*"Wooooow, you must be pretty strong with those muscles of yours ^_^."*She looked at him happily as she examined him*"Master picked a hottie."* She giggled examining him.

Zilo laughed a little bit at her remarks and went to thinking about their so called master. "When is she going to be here anyway?" He said as he looked back at the door away from the girl. He was told she would be here soon but didn't see he anywhere in sight. Let alone sense her Spiritual pressure here. Then agian she was good at hiding it like he was.

"I dunno, all master said was that now I had a playmate then she left."*She smiled sitting next to him giving him a back breaking hug as her lust reitsu pour all over and into his body*"I'm just glad that I have someone to hang out with other than master and those other creepy Espada."

Zilo felt his body feel weird and he felt different when she hugged him he did enjoy the popping in his back and looked over at her and smiled and softly yet kindly spoke. "Can you please let go of me it just feels weird to be hugged by someone i just only meet." He ended the sentence with a smile. The girls probably thought her tricks work fast. And was probably thinking darn he is tougher then most to crack.

Gale giggled as she let him go, but her reitsu still flowing over him*"Oh ok ^_^ its just nice to have someone to talk to other than the master ^_^ plus you have to obey me too now ^_^." She giggled as she winked at him.*"So what do you wanna do."* She asked cutely as she stared at him with her beautiful Amethyst eyes.

Zilo laughed a little bit as he sat down in the chair away from her feeling a little bit different when he got away. He noticed something strange he wasn't feeling as weird as he did before. "I guess we can sit here and talk till your master gets back and wait...I have to do what you say now too?" He sighs as he knows she is higher ranking then him because she was here first.

Gale smiles and giggles as she nods at Zilo, and her reitsu suddenly began to wrap around Zilo like a thick blanket of lust as she spoke to him*"Of course, I was here first and your my playmate, that is plain and simple, and it makes sense right Very Happy?"*She gave a big smile at him as she stood up giving a big thumbs up to him as she looked at him.

Zilo thought about it for a minute and sighed. "I guess you are right." He said giving her back a smile. And looked around for anyone else all he could sense was this girl and no one else. He feels like he was left here on purpose.

She giggled as she plopped down in his lap in what seemed like no time flat, her skirt going up a bit as she kicked her legs and hummed as she began to think*"Now what to do first....hmmm I suppose I could have you rearrange the stuff in my room...then again you don't need to see some of the stuff I have in there..."She wiggled a bit in his lap as she kicked her legs talking, her lust reitsu going all over him, this time it would stick if he tried to get away.

Zilo sat there trying to stay calm but it was getting hard for him to stay calm and he responded quickly. "Sure lets go move some stuff in your room and i won't look at anything i am not suppose to he said standing up but still feeling the same he stood there waiting fro her to show the way. This girl was some how...Very different then any other girls he had meet. Definitely...

Gale giggled as he got up so fast and she led the way as she skipped, making her skirt go up and down, as she continued to cover him in her reitsu. They got to her room and you found it was very...unique. The room was filled with needles, torture devices, and several other items that's purposes could not be found. her bed was very large and oddly, very neat. At the foot of the bed was a locked trunk. The room along with this smelled as she did, a sweet rose smell filled the air in here as she looked about deciding what she wanted moved*"This might take me a second, I need to figure out how I want my room to look."* She walked around as she studied the room a moment deciding. This whole time her lust went around Zilo, and this room seemed to amplify the lust.

Zilo stood there looking at the room. Seeing how it smelt and felt like her aura did, at the same time he was thinking in his head. The hell is happening to me. I feel like i am under a spell. But yet at the same time it doesn't feel like a spell. It feels as if the girl is leading me somewhere. He looked around at all the devices she had in her room and noted. Ok this place is kinda like a bondage place you see on t.v when someone is being tortured to get answers or something he stood there waiting for the girl to respond. And what she wanted to move so he could get out of the darn room.

Zilo was standing there in the middle of the room what happened to him next was different then anything that ever happened to him the girl used her powers to rape him. Causing him never to forget her he had lost his virginity to this girl And it hadn't even been three days since he has been here. He sighed a little bit as he remembered her. but then remembered how she had died in battle with a former shinigami. He would never forget the women he had done it with.

RP Sample:Zilo had told Sei and Icarus he would be on the top of mount fuji waiting for them. On his way to the top he was looking around for them and noticed something strange on the side of the mountains. He looked around for ledges that he could reach for to make it across. He looked down and saw that it was a long drop to the bottom. His toes where starting to get cold. He pulled out his sword and noticed that the sun was out in the Reflection of his sword and he Sighed Perfect this is just what i need is this snow getting mushy and slick.

He stuck his sword into the side of mountain. He started to chivvy across the edge. He could feel that one error and he would fall of the side of the mountain. He looked down for he had a fear of heights. The bottom was below him all he could see was the white snow stretching into a endless gap. He took a big gulp and continued to go across the ledge. He made it to the other side. the sun was shining on the other side of the mountain but not this side. That is why he had seen it as a black.

He sighed it was a waste of his time and effort. He started to climb back up the mountain. I hope those two don't make it before me. He felt the Ice under his foot he slipped. He grabbed a ledge and looked down. The snow seemed to continue to fall. He heard a slight cracking in the ledge that he was holding onto. He decided to stab his sword into the mountain again. He pulled back and tried to stab but hit ice. He was stuck there was no where he could go. He then started to pull himself up struggling.

He managed to pull himself up the mountains ledge. He looked around and saw that there was nothing there. He started to climb again this time reading the mountain sides and ledges. He pulled him self up all the way this time. He could see was the snow stretching up the mountain. He was closer to the top.The clouds started to block the sun. Great now i can deal with the melting snow turning into ice. He looked at his sword he had almost forgotten that it wasn't really a good one. He left this original sword at the lodge.

This sword was a little bit rusty and had a few crack and dents in it. When he noticed that it was a little rust and dented he saw his shoes where worn out from this climb. He wiped his face with his shirt that was a white color. When you looked at how he was dress and from away it would look as if he was part of the mountain. He started his climb once again. When he finally got to the top he laid on the ground with his arms and legs held out in a V shape. The snow was soft almost like a cushion but it was wet. He finally put his sword back in the sheath he had he looked around and sighed once again it seems he has gotten here before them. It was a good sign for him he could rest. He started to close his eyes slowly slipping into a endless dark void. He fell asleep peacefully and quietly. Now it was up to them to make it he was done.
Zilo looked up and saw that Icarus was already here before him he smiled. And then thought about the question he had asked so we just sit here and wait huh? He had thought about it for a few second and wondered where sei was. She should have been here by now but he didn't see here any where. He then replied to the angel "Yes we will sit here and wait till sei gets here but until i will rest. This stupid climb almost killed me with me falling off. And if you don't mind me asking did you use those big fancy wings of your to cheat and get up to the top of the mountain befor so you could sit there and be all muahahah i made it to the top first type of thing?"

He hoped the angel could tell that he was just joking around with him. he then put his head back down on the ground and stared at the sky. It has been a while since he has actually been able to rest in piece. He then looked at the angel to see that he had some moth like wings but they had something about them that made them look different from them. He knew that Icarus the angel could read someones mind but insisted on saying "Icarus and sei kissing in the tree" He sung this song in his head just to make icarus have to listen to it

If there was one thing that icarus couldn't do as a angel is shut off others though from his own. He smiled at the thought of teasing the angel. Before everything went black and he passed out where he was laying last though that went through his head was. If you wouldn't mind icarus do you mind and going and getting my blade form the lodge. I left it sitting on my dresser on the right side. Its near the mirror. With that he fell asleep.

To be honest i Rp as much as the person above me.

RP Challenge: Zilo stood there as he saw when he cut off the sleeve of his fellow espada that has been his friend for a long time. He didn't understand why he had betrayed them he stood there with a emotionless stare. His despair aura wrapping around his best friend and he starred at him and spoke. "Why......just why have you betrayed us....." He said as he stood there waiting for a answer form the espada. The espada looked at him and smiled. "Because i am tired of how we are not doing anything i wanna kill something starting with you!" The man charges at Zilo.

Zilo stand there defelecting the oncoming blows not striking back he was going to try and talk sense into the espada in fornt of him. "Snap out of it you must get yourself back is this seriously how you want to be treated like a villian a crook a enemy?" He said all this in a harsh tone only making the guy striking at him madder and madder. He sighed as he finally went on the offense. Slicing his blade downwards the espada was backing up quickly not sure of what was going on and why he finally decided to strike back.

Zilo spoke as he was swinging his blade downwards at the man. "I trusted you.... I guess this is what i get when i finally put my trust in someone they betray me once again like they did when i was alive." He said this as he brought the blade down stronger and faster then before his friend started to jump back trying to dodge the fight when he jumped back and stopped his arm flew off. Zilo was standing behind him with blood on his sword. "I am sorry it has to be this way but you are the one that caused this upon yourself.

The man starred at him. "You crazy fool the shinigami will wipe us all out you need to understand this. They don't trust anyone besides on their side now die. Resojiko Resima." He released his blade against Zilo growing his arm back and turning into a giant wolf like Espada and he sighed he didn't feel like making this fight go any further he noticed that his friend was faster and stronger and was soon on the defense. He was parrying all the blows sent at him as he stood there blocking him.

Finally the beast fired off a cero Zilo countered with one of his own. Knowing his was more powerful and the man had to dodge his attack he appeared to the side of the man. And looked at him and said. "Sorry it had to end this way my friend but once you are a traitor to me i will not hesitate to kill you after i gave you a chance to redeem your self..." The mans eyes widen as he saw Zilo there and he started to laugh.

Zilo charged a Cero Oscuras at the man he once called a friend when he begged no please stop he continued the blast and completely destroyed him. His mask fragments going everywhere. "You where a fool to think that oyu could betray me and kill me in this fight or as you called it earlier a friendly spar when all along you have been planning to kill me..." He said as he stepped on the remaining mask and broke it to nothing he continued to walk. "You disgust me..." Was all he said walking away from the destroyed battle ground..

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Samara Sawamatsu


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PostSubject: Re: Zilo Telavu   Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:43 pm

RP Challenge - You are sparring with your fellow Espada to become stronger. But during the fight, you cut his sleeve and notices a tattoo that signifies that he is loyal to the Soul Society. He covers the tattoo and his eyes meets yours. You can see one thing clearly in his eyes. Fear. Please write what you would do in this situation.
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PostSubject: Re: Zilo Telavu   Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:58 pm

Approved, just watch your colour, then you will see which rank you will get. ^^
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Zilo Telavu
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